Officially Official: 2013 Kawasaki Z800

09/05/2012 @ 11:18 am, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

If we had to summarize Kawasaki’s new model philosophy, it would have to be with the old tuner’s phrase that “there is no replacement for displacement.” Bumping the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R from 599cc back to its odd 636cc figure from 2003-2006, Team Green has also trumped the quarter-liter market with the debut of the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300, a peppier clone of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R world-model that debuted last month (it looks like North American will have to make do with the mundane and carb’d version of the Ninja 250R, sad trombone).

While we expect to see a bevy of new Kawasaki’s later next week, one bike we don’t expect to see is the 2013 Kawasaki Z800, which just officially debuted in Europe. We were on vacation when some Thai readers leaked the first images of the Kawasaki Z800 in our comments section, luckily other publications read our site and picked up the story. You have probably already seen the photos, but just in case they are in a gallery after the jump.

Kawasaki isn’t saying too much officially, beyond the usual hyperbole of course, but it is obvious that the 2013 Kawasaki Z800 is a punched out version of the Kawasaki Z750 (a model we don’t get here in North America). Basically a 806cc version of the 748cc inline-four model, with virtually the same bodywork, Kawasaki is quoting more torque and horsepower from the Z800, but isn’t tipping any actual numbers just yet.

Creeping in on the terrain of the Kawasaki Z1000, it will be interesting to see whether Kawasaki follow’s Yamaha’s example, and deems the 800cc & 1,000cc models different enough to bring them both to North America together (e.g. Yamaha FZ8 & Yamaha FZ1), or if the Kawasaki Z800 remains a strictly European affair.

Expect the full details of the 2013 Kawasaki Z800 to hit the interwebs by October 2nd, or earlier if we have our say in it.

Official Photos of the 2013 Kawasaki Z800 from Kawasaki Europe:

Leaked Photos of the 2013 Kawasaki Z800 from Siam RiderClub:

Source: Kawasaki EU; Gallery: Siam RiderClub

  • Keet

    not a fan of the droopy headlight look that a lot of the manufacturers are sporting these days on their naked/semi-naked bikes.

  • joe

    ok spice up this 800 motor and make a zx7/8r already.

  • MikeD

    They can keep it. (-_-)

    Same HUMPBACK look as the Z1000………..HORRID. What’s with the angry looking headligth ?
    Why so much crappy xpensive body work to get damaged ?
    Rectangular section steel swing arm ? WHAT’S THIS ?! A NINJA 250 ?!
    No fancy schnancy radial calipers ? Again…is this a Ninja 250 ?!
    W/e happened to flatter/lower tail sections that don’t make the passenger feel/look “in the clouds” ?

    Sorry for the rant. I haven’t learnt to lower my xpectations everytime this time of the year comes around…or maybe im getting all crabby and old. LOL.

  • Paul McM

    Tell me, does anyone over the age of 9 years actually like this “Transformer” bike styling? All angles and pointy corners (the better to jam you in the kneecap). Didn’t Suzuki prove with the B-King that this styling trend is NOT appealing to the market any more (if it ever was)? It seems like all the bike makers are in a competition to produce the most hideous headlight module on their “naked” bikes (CB1000R comes to mind. The front end of that bike is an abomination.) I think its time for all the major Japanese motorcycle makers (Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki) to “Clean house” in their styling departments. My beloved 1984 FJ1100 had excellent ergonomics, and a beautifully sculpted tank (that held lots of gas without an ugly humpback). Have the stylists learned nothing in nearly 30 years, except how to achieve ever greater levels of ugliness?

  • You’re not the only curmudgeonly certified old guy ’round these here parts, Mike. I’m looking forward to the day that motorcycles don’t look like a bad Transformers sequel.

  • Kurt

    I’m an artist and if I was given a clean sheet of paper and told to come up with the ugliest motorcycle design possible, there is no way I could create anything as hideous as this or the new Triumph ADV bike. Kudos to the new crop of stylists, you’ve taken on the B King and won! Your angry insectiod transformer overlords will be so proud of how mega-radical you’ve turned out. Keep it up and you may achieve your goal of permanent blindness in all who gaze upon your creations.

  • JoeD

    So the Bug/Transformer look is not for you? When I show up on the Benelli CR, a crowd gathers. The positive responses far outweigh the negative ones. Not that it matters to me, I ride my own bike(s). To be honest, the Euro folks had this going on long before the Asians copied it which may explain why it gets panned in 2012. I think to appreciate the evolution of the species, one must look back to the Cafe Racer era when all we had were 1/4 fairings and some dropped bars to make our road bikes at least look like a real racer. John Britten made a georgeous machine with minimal body panels. Be different. Get out of the box.

  • Damo

    @Paul McM

    I have said the same thing a million times. The first time I saw the new z1000 I was like, “Wow! That thing looks crazy! Right out of an anime film.” But you know if you had to live with it, three months down the rode you go, “Uggh! That thing looks a bit too crazy.”

    At least the FZ8 looks good, now if we could just get Yamaha USA to sell the small fairing version of the FZ1 here. ..

  • Neil

    I have no idea what the Japanese manufacturers are thinking !!!???

    Let’s make a smaller version of the Z1000, don’t come up with anything NEW….just make a smaller version of what you’ve already made????

    This is why Ducati and BMW are kicking your ass !!!!

  • Westward

    Bravo JoeD

    It’s not that bad. It looks like the Ducati Streetfighter to me, albeit a Kawasaki version. Priced significantly less I would imagine…

    I wouldn’t expect this bike to appeal to those use to full fairing machines, but to those of use that prefer naked and cafe racers, it will do.

    I am sure someone will remove the rear fender, slap on an after market pipe, change the mirrors and lights, and the bike would display a better character.

    Besides, looking like a transformer can’t be too much of a bad thing, those movies keep making so much money it’s ridiculous…

  • Gritboy

    Nice looking.

  • MikeD


    (O.O) How dare u compare a Benelli CR to this ? Have u look closer to the components that form your motorcycle….Sr ?

    I’ll run over if i see u on the road…LMAO.

  • I’m confused… it’s not naked, and it doesn’t have fairings- yet the only visible engine parts are a glimpse of cylinder head, headers, and two case covers. Even the exhaust has a cover. What’s up with that? The insectoid/transformer look was sophomoric when it was introduced (years ago), and it’s still just as bad. I can’t imagine anyone who likes naked/cafe style bikes would find this anything but vomitous. If I were wrong, I’d expect to see the streets filled with young anime freaks riding these hideous monstrosities from Japan… but they’re hardly ever seen. So why do they still build them?

  • MikeD

    I think it will be a Europe ONLY Model for all we care.

    Man, im starting to feel a little guilty…some of u guys are skinning the living s&*$ off of it…c’mon…is not “that bad”…is it ?

  • “Be different. Get out of the box.”

    I think you have it backwards. With most bikes looking squared-off and angry these days, one needs to be very much IN the box and just like everybody else. There are an awful lot of bikes, but precious few choices. It’s reminiscent of having 200 channels of cable.

    I don’t think it’s genuinely fugly, but neither do I think that it has “timeless elegance” going for it. Something like a Guzzi Daytona 1000 is timelessly elegant in my books. This bike might have some interesting lines going for it, but they are not elegant lines, IMO.

  • powerfully… :)

  • Facepunch Machoman, Jr.

    Of the current nakeds I think the FZ8 looks ok and Suzuki’s GSR750 (Euro only) looks great.

    I think it’s stupid that they castrate all of these bikes with budget suspension and heavy weights. I understand trying to hit a budget. But Triumph proved with the Street Triple R that there is a big demand for adjustable suspension at least. It is only a few hundred more and it generates positive hype. From dealers I heard the R version is MUCH more in demand than the non-R version. With the FZ8, you hear of people putting R1 forks and FZ1 shocks on there for just a few hundred bucks so why doesn’t Yamaha offer it out of the box?

    Sure you can get the liter bike but not everyone wants something so powerful and heavy. You shouldn’t have to screw around so much just to get adjustable suspension on the smaller bikes.

  • Stas

    Hi all. Now I have a Kawasaki Z750 and I find that new Z800 awesome. By the way, Z750 is the best selling bike (not only naked) in many european countries. So, it’s just a matter of taste, isn’t it?