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There is nothing about the Erzberg Rodeo that appeals to me, other than the fact that it is totally bonkers, awesome, and horrible all rolled into one single-day event (there’s a reason this site is called Asphalt & Rubber).

Any race where 1,500 riders start, 500 qualify, and only 14 finish, has got to be an epic competition, and considering the fact that the Erzberg Rodeo starts in the excavation pit of an Austrian mine…well, it takes a special rider to be enticed by such an event.

One such special rider is Graham Jarvis, who was the first of the fourteen men to reach the 20th and final checkpoint. Taking 2 hours and 52 seconds to complete the course, Jarvis made the 2013 Erzberg Rodeo look downright easy.

However, with one look at the race-day conditions from this past weekend, we know it was anything but. Take a look for yourself after the jump — race results are here.

Jonny Walker - Portrait


Graham Jarvis - Winner

Competitor - Action

Jonny Walker - Action

Graham Jarvis - Winner

Competitor - Action

Competitor - Action

Competitor - Action

Ivan Gervantes - Action

Graham Jarvis - Winner

Source: Red Bull

  • Paul McM

    Totally. Friggin’. Nuts.

    And I love it. Why guys do this kind of crazy stuff I really don’t know … but the compulsion to climb rocks and get muddy must be in our prehistoric DNA. The look of elation (and relief) among the finishers was priceless. To me, this Enduro Rodeo is way more interesting than Stadium motorcross (or any NASCAR event for that matter). Note to Speed Channel — put this on prime time!

  • paulus – Thailand

    LOVE IT!
    this is some of the most enjoyable motorcycle riding you can have.
    Forget road and track racing… this is manly riding for the every-man. Awesomeness with maximum fun, sweat and gears!

    You need a bike and a trail… that is it.

  • This is about the most hardcore enduro on the planet (at least that I’ve heard of thus far). The skill these guys have is unreal.

  • BikePilot

    I dig it and would love to compete sometime.

  • mb

    Trane Francks – there’s also Romaniacs, the next one only nuts go to!
    btw, Blazusiak’s enduro career started totaly unexpected win on his first Erzberg!

  • @mb: Crazy stuff. I found this:

    And don’t forget to watch this if you missed last year:

  • exnihilo415

    Ha! S&M Playhouse for Motorcycles. That’s as good a title as can be written. Bravo.

  • mb

    @Trane on official Red Bull Romaniacs web page there’s plenty of video footage from previous years, really pure hard enduro fun!
    I even remember guys from Nitro Circus going there once, but they barely made it through prologue
    cheers from Europe!

  • @mb:

    I gotta say that watching these events has really made me want to try riding dirt. I’ve always ridden pavement, but I see I’ve missed out on a lot of fun. :)

  • mb

    @Trane: I can understand that felling;) supermoto might be the first step, but then just hit the wastelands!