Hi-Res: 20 Photos of the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard

11/12/2012 @ 7:35 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Our favorite bike of the EICMA show so far? The 2013 Ducati Hypermotard SP, no doubt. Featuring a new 821cc Testastretta 11° DS motor, the 2013 Ducati Hypermotard and its tour-ready compatriot, the 2013 Ducati Hyperstrada bring Ducati’s maxi-motard line into the dark side of liquid-cooling.

Featuring slightly over-square cylinder dimensions, the new Ducati Hypermotard sounds like just what the doctor ordered for San Francisco’s pot-holed streets. Don’t get us started about the white color scheme on the Hypermotard SP, which is drop dead sexy. Consult a doctor before clicking past the jump.

Source: Ducati

  • rods

    Liquid cooled…. More fuel capacity… Better than ever….

  • Damo

    In a word: Perfect (for me anyway)

  • Phil D

    Ah, I have found my new 2 wheeled companion, now just have to see how hard they are going to ream me on South African pricing! No regrets in letting the 1100 go in favor of this beaut!

  • MikeD

    Nice work Ducati ! But i still like to make my own valve adjustments and not getting butt raped at the dealer when the 18k mile service comes up…or think about replacing timing belts, tensioner and idler pulleys. NO, THANKS.

    I’ll keep admiring from far, not a chance owning.

    Is the it educated to say that they are listening to their costumer base complaints and/or opinions ?
    Seems that way.

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  • Tony

    Will the gearbox be better now? I rode a 2012 796 Hyper a month ago and it had the worst gearbox I’ve ever used. Clunked into first gear, impossible to find neutral at a stop. My 40 year old Triumph 5 speed shifts better. Besides all that…I love these Hypermotards! It was a shit load of fun in the canyon roads as long as I didn’t have to put it in first or neutral.

  • Phil D

    @Mike D, in South Africa, they come with a service plan, 2 yrs or 30 000km. No other manufacturer offers anything even close. I just trade in every 20 months, they hold they’re value pretty darn good.

  • MikeD

    @Phil D:

    Hopefully u won’t need it for heavy work just for oil changes and such. They have improved a lot since the flaky days of the 916.
    Not to mention that’s really nice being able to trade in before 2 years, hehehe.

  • Damo


    18,000 mile intervals is pretty amazing, even by Japanese standards. Hell the new CBR1000RR has more frequent service intervals. Step in the right direction for Ducati, in my book.

  • MikeD


    INDEED my good man. Says a lot about them. Wasn’t long ago ( 3 years ? ) that figure hovered around the 5k-10k miles mark, i think ?

  • Blackdog

    I have a 2010 Monster 1100S and the gearbox is great and I can find neutral easy. The valve adjustments scare some people but Ducati has greatly improved the maintenance schedule in the last few years. 110 HP, water cooled, I’ll take it.

  • Knuckles

    Can we get this motor in a Monster please ?

  • Dingus McQueen

    Lost. The. Plot.

    I don’t know how the camera didn’t break during the shoot.