Spy Photos: 2013 BMW R1250GS Caught Testing

12/29/2011 @ 11:35 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

The bike that made the brand, the BMW R1200GS is about to get updated for the 2013 model year, and the Bavarians have been busy testing their new adventure bike. As such the ever questionable “spy photos” have made their way onto the interwebs, and we diligently give in to the new trend in motorcycle marketing to bring you some very clear photos of the 2013 BMW R1250GS. While the new BMW R1250GS looks ready for prime time, and is expected to be a liquid-cooled version of the now iconic GS, we imagine BMW is still surely stepping carefully with the R1250GS’s final design.

One of the best-selling motorcycles worldwide, the BMW GS has defined the now lucrative adventure-touring market segment. Accordingly, BMW must be keen on making sure the new 2013 BMW R1250GS doesn’t alienate its core constituency of GS riders. However, the German brand is surely also feeling the pressure to update its air-cooled line with water-cooled motors, as well as bringing other modern features to its motorcycles.

While the design of the BMW R1250GS looks to be more of a refreshing of the current R1200GS, immediately apparent is the LED running light and other modern features that have become standard in the class. The motor is obviously brand new, and the cylinder heads look to sit higher on the bike than previously on the older GS.

What will be interesting to see in 2013 is how BMW positions the new R1250GS against the Triumph Tiger Explorer, Ducati Multistrada 1200, and other adventure bikes. Will the 2013 BMW R1250GS be a reaction to these machines, or will BMW continue to define the marketplace? Only time will tell.

Source: ADVrider & Pelican Parts

  • Doesn’t look horrible, as big adventure bikes go. I’m kind of ambivalent about the liquid-cooling thing, although I’ll say I love my air/oil-cooled R1200R and wouldn’t really change much about it, engine-wise. Maybe just a few more ponies. ;)

    That said, I hope that exhaust isn’t going to take up such a huge chunk of the sidecase on the production version. I imagine that’d be a deal-breaker for a lot of folks – would be for me.

  • MikeD

    I would hit that. (^_^)
    1250cc ? Is that a hard # or just pure Internet speculation/guessing ?
    Isn’t the muffler on the current one a bit lower than this one ?
    What i really love out of this “Dual Sport Wars” is that i know these “Anvil Reliable” engines will eventually go into other more street oriented models…or so i hope.

    U HEARD THAT, YAMAHA ? and all the others for that matter. Specially u Triumph…How about a Sprint RS with your new 1215 Triple ?

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  • Bruce Monighan

    Maybe the new models will have stronger final drives and that will stop them from breaking

  • While you certainly can’t compare bikes that far apart in size and price . . . . .

    GS guys always wear me out when they go into that ‘Long Way ‘Round’ speech, and how you really can ride this tall, tippy, heavy beast over any surface on the face of Mother Earth (yeah, if I had legs and arms like an NFL lineman). But this, the Super Tennie, etc., let’s see . . . . a radiator to punch, ride-by-wire throttle, anti-lock brakes, tele-this and para-that, and on and on, it really makes me think IF I were really going to get dirty on a more than annual basis, hand me a KLR: Stone Age reliability (and engineering), so simple even I can work on it. Replace the doohickey, get stone guards for the radiator, I’m off to the Argentines with a spares kit and tool kit that don’t take up a whole lot of room. And the 10 grand I saved will buy lots of cerveza y tamales !

    They make a diesel verson, it’s a wonder there’s no Briggs and Stratton !

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  • harley

    Well certainly looks the goods lets hope it goes as well as its predecessor,a very versitile performer all we have to do is wait and see Harley