We promise, this is our last Bimota posting for the day (unless something juicy breaks regarding the recently announced Bimota BB2) — we did save the best for last though. Simply called the Bimota DBx, what we see here is Bimota floating another non-superbike concept out to the public to gauge its reaction. Bimota, we’ll make this real easy for you: BUILD THIS BIKE.

A Bimota DB10 with a severe affliction for getting its feet dirty, the Bimota DBx is probably the most expensive dual-sport we have ever seen. Öhlins TTX forks and four-way adjustable shock for suspension, Brembo monoblocs for brakes (2 x 300mm discs up front, 200mm in the back), carbon fiber everywhere, and machined pieces of billet aluminum that are ruining our Christmas wish list…every criticism you could level at Bimota this model year might easily be redeemed with this motorcycle.

Though we doubt any DBx machines will see off-road duty, there is a 19″ front wheel, with a 17″ rear wheel or optional 18″ unit for the rear, which are all laced up and ready to ride on their mixed-terrain Pirellis. Weighing 385 lbs dry, and making 95hp, the Bimota DBx isn’t the lightest or most powerful motorcycle in this class, but it definitely is the sexiest. Pardon us, we are late for the pants party.

Source: Bimota

  • Oh my god, yes please! I currently have a multistrada 620 that I am in the middle of giving this treatment to!

  • TexusTim

    all the trick componetents in the world and the bike is still almost 400 lbs ?…dont you think something is wrong here, I mean for what it is, the first regard should be it’s weight…then dealing with the tires would be a big hassle…..I like the trick parts but why not build it to be light, tricked out and user friendly….then it might be worth the pretty penny they would surely want for it. I use the word might.

  • TexusTim

    one more thing is there any other phrase besides, LIGHT,TRICKED OUT,USER FRIENDLY …that makes us want a motorbike?…yes in italy it is SEXY and it’s worth an extra ten grand ? and you wonder why the euro keeps sinking..without tourisim greece,spain and italywould die off..they better find a better way to make money other than sexy stuff and tourisism..just sayin the euro philosphy is overcooked and overated.

  • jackie

    Reminds me of KTM’s old 990 Super Enduro (which I wish they still made.) Only difference being, you could afford to both buy the KTM, and ride it like an enduro (actually throw rocks and trees at it…and not mind)
    Where this is just something posing as something else for waaaaay too much dosh.

    Bimota usually takes an under appreciated engine, puts it into the best chassis ever, makes it sparkle with machined beautiful parts, the end result being a lust worthy machine that is better than the original bike it was based upon…and then makes your piggy bank cry to baby Jesus if you dare try to buy one. This one is just an expensive show pony.

  • Bruce

    That gives me some ideas for re-purposing my ’05 Multistrada. Making something to go out on the dirt roads with my GS friends

  • What do you mean, not the lightest? By FAR the lightest multi cylinder in the ADV category (F800, Tiger 800 don’t come close, let alone the KTM twins, or various 1200cc pigs), and without checking numbers, I’m guessing it gives the 650 singles a run too. Also, looks the business in person (once you shoo away the lady candy Bimota has draped all over everything).

  • JJ

    I would buy this for 20K. Make it happen Bimota!!!!