While we wait to here the specs on the upcoming Bimota BB2, the boutique Italian firm’s rekindled collaboration with the German motorcycle manufacturer, Bimota continues to work with Ducati lumps, both of the air and liquid-cooled variety. One of the more intriguing concepts put forth at EICMA, the 2013 Bimota DB12 is an expression of an uber-exotic Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Unlike the supercharged Bimota DB11 VLX, the Bimota DB12 will remain naturally aspirated in its 160hp state, but like how the Multistrada 1200 was part of the Bologna Brand’s movement away from being solely a sport bike company, the DB12 represents the same movement for Bimota. Already showing a dirt bike at last year’s EICMA show, the 2013 Bimota DB12 is clearly the Italian brand taking a step back, and testing the waters with this design direction.

The chassis on the Bimota DB12 looks to be the same as the one found on the Bimota DB9 & Bimota DB11, which should be unsurprising since both bikes use the Ducati Testastretta 11° motor for their basis. A fully faired machine, the Bimota DB12 concept has a rare feature for the Italian brand: a seat for a pillion.

Marzocchi has handled the fully adjustable forks, while Extreme Tech’s four-way adjustable shock handles the suspension duties in the rear of the DB12. For stopping power Brembo monoblocs have been mated to 320mm Brembo discs up front, while a 220mm unit is in the rear. With a 4.75 gallon tank, the 2013 Bimota DB12 weighs 408 lbs dry.

The DB12 also has mounting points for a luggage system, making it the ultimate expression in sport-touring…and we do mean sport at claimed 162hp. Bimota is floating the DB12 as a “concept” so there is no official confirmation that the machine will go into production, but we suspect it will as long as pitchforks don’t start showing up at the Bimota EICMA booth.

Source: OmniMoto.it

  • Sixty7


  • froryde

    As a huge Bimota fan and owner, I am sad to say that Bimota is getting more and more irrelevant with each new model they introduce.

    The new styling direction is a mess – the DB7 and DB8 was still sexy, but the DB9/10/11/12 is mish-mash of different shapes, angles, and planes. The old DB1 was gorgeous even with all its clothes off.

    And with all the already fantastic bikes that the original engine donors are, what are they offering that would sway me to pay a hefty premium just to have the Bimota name on the tank? Most customers need a better USP than that.

    While it’s encouraging that BMW will be supplying engines to Bimota, again – I can’t see how Bimota can offer anything that can top the already awesome S1000RR. I hope Bimota proves me wrong.

    The only relevant model in the Bimota lineup is the Tesi – they should focus their resources and build on that platform. Oh wait…another small Rimini outfit by the name of Vyrus got that covered.

    Alas, I am afriad that Bimota has lost the plot…again.

  • Daniel Croft

    Looks like an FZ6R – that’s bad. Bimota have always been an aspirational brand for me, i.e. something I’d never spend the money on but I lusted after. That seems to be changing now, I don’t lust after any of these bikes. Sad.

  • Robo

    Bimota + sak_art design = epic fail

  • MikeD

    Keep The TESI………………..SCRAP THE REST OF THE LINE-UP…or at least get yourself a new bodywork designer.

    If u guys are keen on the “Origami Look” then ask KTM whos doing for them.

  • MotoBell

    could be BEST BIKE EVER!

    ok not ever.. but the motorcyle world needs a bike like this – except only from ducati or aprilia or triumph..or japan inc…

    what is no to love?
    – a sport tourer that lacks nothing in compoenentry to a top shelf sport bike
    – sport bike that will comfortable and two up capable
    – a sport tourer with the weight of sport bike and far away from the pigs – fjr, gtr, R/K-RT/GT, vfr
    – styling that looks better than the current spor tourer alternative – all the fucking ugly enduro adventure road bikes

    I own four bikes and very disappointed in the offerings in the sporttouring category – not one bike represents what is possible to build today. almost every sport bike represents the best the manufacturer can do.

    I know enduro/.adventure bikes are the new sporttourer – but they are idiotic and ugly like making SUV go fast and yes I am vertically challenged to boot.

    WE.. at least I WANT A BIKE LIKE THIS!

  • jax

    This is the ugliest thing I have seen on 2 wheels in a long time. Wow.