We already told you last month that the 2013 Aprilia RSV4 would get a bevy of revisions, not to mention the inclusion of ABS brakes…yet for some reason we had to wait until today to tell you that information again. Yes, it is completely bizarre yet completely normal situation to encounter when dealing with Italians, and especially so with the Noale company. Honestly, it is just one of the perks of working in the motorcycle industry, or not in it, as American Honda seems to think.

What is perhaps more newsworthy than these thinly veiled rants are these first photos of the Aprilia RSV4 R ABS in matte black, which is drop dead sexy in any language. Aprilia is keen to remind us that the RSV4 topped many of the superbike shootouts this year, besting machines like the Ducati 1199 Panigale and BMW S1000RR (we’d be keen to try an RSV4 Factory against the new BMW HP4 though).

Selling the RSV4 has never been a problem of product for Aprilia. The RSV4 is superb, and in its second year of racing, Max Biaggi took it to win the World Superbike Championship. The Roman Emperor repeated that feat again this year, though we doubt it will move that many more units in North America for Aprilia, which sells RSV4’s by the hundreds, not the thousands, in the largest sport bike market worldwide.

If there was ever a brand you wanted to see get its act together, Aprilia, and the Piaggio Group as whole, has to be it. Until that happens though, we will have to view the photos after the jump with a taste of foreboding. Like Eve’s apple, Pandora’s box, and Lindsay Lohan’s driving, the treat is tantalizing, though the headache is probably not worth it. Le sigh.

The 2013 Aprilia RSV4 Factory ABS for Good Measure:

Photos: Aprilia

  • Angus McFangus

    Why do you always talk about photos ‘after the jump’? There’s no jumps…the pics are directly afterwards. In fact, the only jump is your text saying the photos are after the jump. Why are you trying to make my life so difficult and confusing?

  • motogpdr

    I have to say that I’ve been glued to my seat this week on the internet searching for EICMA coverage. A and R is by far the best!!!!

  • Angus, it’s the small things that make this whole blog thing worthwhile for me. Making your life difficult and confusing is one of those small perks. Sorry for partying.

    motogpdr, why were you searching the internet? Just come here each time. :)

  • Spektre76

    Drool worthy bike. I can’t imagine how much better next years beat will be!

  • Rubbing my hands already waiting for the 2014 model.. hope they don’t make it any smaller cause at 6’2″ my current RSV4 factory is a tight fit…

  • apriliaboy14

    Awwww, dammit. I feel a midlife crisis coming on. Always wanted an RSVR, and my ’07 Tuono is getting close to 60K… This might be a great 50th Birthday present to meself. At least SWMBO would like it better than a blonde girlfriend!

  • Silas

    Just do it apriliaboy!

    I am in a love hate relationship with my RSV4 Factory right now because I want a new ride but the Aprilia is just too good. Having never owned a bike for more than 2 years, it’s looking like the Ape will take me to the 2014 RSV4. I’ve tried almost everything, including the Panigale (actually defaulted on my deposit after I rode it). There is just nothing out there that makes you feel more like you’re riding a real superbike.

  • DareN

    No place to buy it and no place to fix it (coming from former Aprilia owner)

  • Well… I have a 2010 RSV4 Factory with 14,000 miles on it… and it has only had a couple very minor issues, all being covered by warranty (2 year warranty, unlimited miles…).

    I would not stray away from Aprilia, especially if there is a dealer nearby. It is the best pure sport bike on the market right now.. simply amazing. I hope Aprilia continues to grow in the USA – their chassis are second to none… it is too bad they are competing in the other MotoGP series as they once dominated in the 250GP class…

    The RSV4 is essentially a 250GP chassis with a V4 motor inside it… <3

  • They are *not* competing.. oops

  • Tyler- I’m also a 2010 V4 Factory owner, and all minor issues have been tucked into the warranty.

    Personally, this flat black is the scheme I have lusted after since Day 1. It mimics the flat-carbon (from a distance) prototypes that they had first released spy shots of, and it’s just so CLEAN. Understated class. True lust.

    This gives me a reason for a second set of fiberglass fairings. Might have to give the folks at Racers Edge in AUS a buzz, see if they still make that set with the black gelcoat. Perfect base for this project…

  • “Why do you always talk about photos ‘after the jump’? There’s no jumps…the pics are directly afterwards.”

    I’ll spoil Jensen’s fun, Angus: The jump comes from reading the article spoiler from the front page and “jumping” to the full article proper by clicking the Continue Reading button. Those of us who read via e-mail subscriptions go directly to the full article.

  • This remains my favorite superbike. The old V twin Aprilias were awesome, but once they went with the V4 engine, they moved into another level of performance.

    For an overall daily rider, the BMW may be the preferred ride, but for those who want to experience the ultimate in superbike rocketship scalpel on the edge performance, this is the bike to go with. If you live near an open expressway, or any place with roller coaster rolling hills, this bike offers the opportunity to dive into the hyper realm of performance, a place most humans will never experience in their lifetime.

    As the old saying goes, life begins at 170 mph, and on this bike you’ll hardly notice when you blow past that mark, because all you’ll be doing is watching the road in front of you disappear, and hearing the sound of that molto molto Bene engine singing to you as she hits her sweet spot at 13,000 RPMs, and the shift light comes on.

  • Tim

    Hello Jensen,

    Why is this? “North America for Aprilia, which sells RSV4′s by the hundreds, not the thousands, in the largest sport bike market worldwide”.

    With all of the positive Media reports and reviews it’s a great bike. What I have noticed that I still have not seen a RSV4 Factory up here in North California/Alice’s/STP and only 1 white RSV4. In your opinion is it because of pricing, reliability or?

  • Lack of a dealer network, and worse…dealer support. Gone might be the days of waiting months for a part from Noale if you had an issue with your bike, but things are still far from perfect.

    This is the same company that hires “journalists” from “publications of record” to do their marketing and PR work.

  • Hahahaah. That WesT Publication sure has come Apart a few times and had to make a few OEM parts replacement orders from Noale, hasn’t he?

    On the other hand, I find my dealer in Thousand Oaks to be very supportive. Tim- I know a few fella’s from the AF1 Forum that live in NorCal and occasionally ride out to Alice’s, but you’re right, there aren’t many.

  • BBQdog

    @Tyler: “…. as as they once dominated in the 250GP class”

    They also dominated the 125 class. It’s a pity they don’t partitcipate in Moto3.
    And I would love a street RS4 250.

  • Luckily my dealer in St. Pete, FL has been very good to deal with. Quickness of parts delivery is another thing from Italy..