I’m going to come out and say that I loved the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple when it came out. A divisive model with the Triumph’s loyal fan base, the revised Speed Triple’s aesthetics are a marked improvement over the earlier generations in my book, which was the only thing that kept the peppy three-cylinder machine out of my personal garage. Now to thoroughly ruining my Christmas wish list, the British brand has added the 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R to its EICMA debut list, with the “R” designation denoting the bike’s upgraded Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and PVM wheels.

The Triumph Speed Triple R feature Öhlins NIX30 43mm fork, which are complimented well with the Swedish suspension brand’s TTX36 rear shock. While we’re sure that the Öhlins suspension will add to the ride feel in ways mere mortals won’t even be able to use, flickability has been further increased with the use of PVM’s five-spoke forged aluminum wheels, which are 3.7 lbs lighter than the Speed Triple’s stock wheelset.

The counterpoint to going faster is of course stopping quicker, and to aid in that effort Triumph has added four-piston radial monoblock callipers from Brembo to the 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R. When combined with the PVM wheels, the British brand claims that the Speed Triple R has a 5% increase in braking performance over the standard Speed Triple. As an optional package, Triumph Speed Triple R owners can add ABS to the mix as well.

Of course no “R” package would be complete without some custome paint, and the Triumph Speed Triple R comes in either Phantom Black or Crystal White color options, which will be accented with the bike’s painted red sub-frame and detailing. Expect more details on the 2012 Triumph Speed Triple R at EICMA, and start saving now.

Source: Triumph

  • luke

    meh. still looks like dame edna. I had a 2010 and it looked the absolute biz. I get it is faster now and even better to ride, but for some, the feeling when you look at your bike and go ‘phwoar!’ everytime you walk in the garage is a decent part of what makes you love the bike. I just don’t think I would get that feeling with the new model. Keep trying Triumph, maybe you will get back to the styling that created a cult following eventually.

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  • Jake Fox


    Aesthetically, I think we agree on a lot of bikes. The streetfighter, for example, is a gorgeous bike. Ignoring that we disagree on the old speed triple, I don’t see how you can like the looks of this bike. The headlights look like a squinting bug and the side fairings look like they were thrown on as an afterthought. It’s just, ick. If you hate the original speed triple headlights, LSL makes a nice looking kit that somewhat mimics the streetfighter. If I were to get the new speed triple, that would be the first change I’d make.

  • Westward

    It just goes to show you can’t please everyone. I personally don’t like the exhausts, but the the bike over all is amazing looking…

    What I appreciate the most about it, and bikes like the monster and the street fighter, are that they take risks in design…

    Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s, Mitsubishi’s, Panasonic’s, and Sony’s, all look the same to me…

  • Tom

    What’s with the “Ducati wheels”!?

  • irksome

    I own a ’98 and have always been in love with its looks; as someone stated, I still get a thrill every time I uncover it to ride. To me they’re starting to look like every other naked bike, none of which have interested me for years; bikes have become far to angular for my tastes. Whatever happened to rounded edges? Most every new bike I see these days, especially the “nakeds”, remind me of Transformer toys and this one is no exception.

    This is the only class of bike that interests me these days. At 53, I still dislike cruisers and have zero interest in riding a weapon that’ll do 70mph in 1st gear. Unless the design circle swings back in my direction, my next bike’ll either be a ’00/’04 Guzzi V11 or a used 955 Speed Triple.

    Guess that makes me an old curmudeon; “Hey, get the hell offa my lawn!”

  • Gary

    Headlights. Ugh!

  • SB

    Looks good, but the headlights are not working for me.

  • Rob

    I agree the headlights are ugly, but throw the flyscreen, seat cowl and belly pan on there and it all comes together like christmas morning. I think it like a fantastically modern take on a classic…which it should be. Well done Triumph

  • MikeD

    The FLYSCREEN works WONDERS to make those headlights good enough to look at.

    A sharp tool just got sharper. Now where’s that briefcase full of onehundred dollar bills ready to burn ?

    Tom says:
    October 25, 2011 at 1:11 AM ~ What’s with the “Ducati wheels”!?

    ^LMAO. I like ’em. Maybe it was too much of a change for some of us, LOL.