2012 MV Agusta Brutale 675 Breaks Cover

11/04/2011 @ 7:29 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

After showing us the 2012 MV Agusta F3 675, the iconic Italian motorcycle company has also spilled the beans on the MV Agusta Brutale 675. The three-cylinder 675cc naked bike, is unsurprisingly and basically an F3 supersport without its fairings. With a peak power figure of 113hp @ 12,000 rpm and 52 lbs•ft of peak torque @ 10,600 rpm, the Brutale 675 tips the scales at 163kg dry (359 lbs), and like its fully-faired counterpart, the new Brutale should be a peaky, yet potent, stead for willing owners.

Featuring the same MVICS electronics package that was debuted on MV Agusta F3 675, the MV Agusta Brutale 675 will continue the “electronics are the new horspower” trend of the new decade, and with a €8,990 price tag should be equally alluring. The cheapest MV Agusta now on the market, we imagine Varese is hoping to sell a metric boat-load of the new baby Brutale. However, as we saw with the US pricing of the MV Agusta F3, how that sub-€9,000 price tag will translate to greenbacks remains to be seen.

Coming with traction control, rider-selectable engine maps, and a ride-by-wire throttle, the MV Agusta Brutale 675 is a potent little package (it’s not clear if the MV Agusta F3’s optional wheelie control, launch control, and electronic quick-shifter will also work on the naked bike, though we don’t see why they couldn’t).

Though we reserve judgment after we hear the pricing for the USA, coming stock with fully-adjustable Marzoochi forks, Brembo “gold” monoblock calipers, and a Nissin radial master cylinder, the Brutale 675 offers some nice kit that will give the Triumph Street Triple a run for its money.

Where riders will be disappointed though is the obligatory de-tuning that occurs with naked versions of sport bikes, as while the Brutale 675 retains the same overly over-square 79mm bore and 45.9mm stroke as the F3 675, the street naked presumably gets its horsepower decreased because of its smaller 47mm throttle bodies and accompanying de-tuned engine maps. Other points of disappointment will be in the rear shock, which appears to only have an adjustable pre-load setting, and fixed damping.

Source: MV Agusta

  • Vinod Anand S

    Simply the best looking bike in the world!

  • AK

    Me Gusta.

  • Rexr

    @ vinod
    No way is it the best in the world u need to have a look around at other manufacturers……..my m8’s 2012 Triumph street triple is better looking than that MV…….MV need to move on from their present bikes they are making and design something new not copy something they already have……

  • fazer6

    Waiting for my R version with adjustable suspenders (ohlins maybe?)

  • mxs

    Don’t tell me the front forks are not adjustable??? I thought MV Augusta would be one company who will not try to pull crap like that. I am not talking about a need for Ohlins, just some OEM, but adjustable ……. Is that really that hard or expensive to do???

    Very nicely looking bike, somewhat surprised they beat Nuda as far as the dry weight goes.

  • irksome

    Yup… another bike that looks like a Transformer toy. Must be my age; I can’t wait until the design cycle spins back to genuine curves. Won’t buy a new bike until then… my ’98 Speed Triple and that ’00/’04 V11 Guzzi look better and better every day.

  • RSVDan

    Very nice. If I weren’t 6’6″ and already on a 750, I would be very, very tempted by this bike.

  • Westward

    As a Ducatisti, I am torn… MV Agusta have not made it easy for me…

    That being said. The Yamaha FZ8 and the Honda CB1000R, seem to have stolen a little inspiration from the Brutale line.

    Clearly, MV Agusta does it better…

  • MikeD

    The pictures are stunning(obviously the bike is HOT). New wallpaper here i come.

    Still no ABS, ahh ?


    The savings have to come from somewhere, i guess…lol.

  • R-Dog

    None adjustables front and rear admittedly, but at least their pricing is a wee bit more sensible with this one. Has to do better in the market than the F3.