UPDATE: The 2012 Honda CBR1000RR has been leaked ahead of schedule by Honda Honk Kong.

Castrol Honda boss, Ronald ten Kate, may have just outed Honda’s latest iteration of its street-going superbikes, as the Dutch manager was quoted on his aniticipation of the new model, and what it would mean for his relatively uncompetitive World Superbike team. First talking about the team’s status and position in the World Superbike Championship, ten Kate talked about the morale boost of having Jonathan Rea back from his injuries. Ten Kate also stated that his team has put the 2011 season behind them, and is instead focusing on the 2012 season.

Also helping boost morale is what Honda has in store for next season. Stating that the Ten Kate Honda squad was looking forward to the arrival of the 2012 Honda CBR1000RR, it would appear that ten Kate himself has let slip that Honda would be bringing out a a whole new machine for next year, and in conjunction with that statement, a new Honda CBR1000RR would also have to be in the pipe.

“We will have a new machine from Honda, an upgraded version of the Fireblade in 2012, though I can’t reveal too much because Honda hasn’t revealed the bike,” said ten Kate while talking to Crash.net. “The FIM has also made the decision that we can introduce fly-by-wire to the machines for next year, which we already have but isn’t on the bikes yet.”

“We are planning to use it in the private tests, so we will be ready for 2012. This season is virtually behind us, but when Jonathan returns, we will still be targeting podiums,” he concluded.

It’s unclear exactly what changes and feature are bound to come with the 2012 Honda CBR1000RR, though we imagine a bevy of electronic packages will be included on the street bike. Pricing could be tough though, as the yen continues to strengthen against the dollar, which could mean we’ll see price increases from the Japanese brands for 2012.

Source: Crash.net

  • G.Irish

    “Pricing could be tough though, as the yen continues to weaken against the dollar, which could mean we’ll see price increases from the Japanese brands for 2012.”

    That is backwards, the yen is getting stronger vs. the dollar not weakening. A strong yen means it is more expensive to make something in Japan, which is where all Japanese sport bikes are made.

  • TJ

    And to compensate for this increased manufacturing expense we will see higher prices here in the States.

  • keet

    well, i guess this mean no new V-4 superbike from honda?! (at least for 2012) :(

  • Damn, now I’m going to have to dock my own pay. Good catch.

  • John Magnum

    Blah, i refuse to hear that Honda will not bring out a V4.
    i havent held on to my 08 ZX for nothing………im waiting.

    i shall take my coin and go and play in the aprilia camp then.

    power war is finished its all electronics thats obvious. i just hope its not just going to be a boring 4 pot with TC cause its expected by the punters.
    We have been stuck with the same bikes for years now cause of the GFC. Gets something out that looks like a stealth fighter and a motor that makes people take for cover, Honda!

  • Jaybond

    How about something more exotic Mr Honda? A 1000cc V5 derived from MotoGP perhaps? OK, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But a V4 CBR should’nt be that far off..

  • Beary

    How the $#@%@! did Xaus get a guernsey for this team anyway…. did he bring loads of cash ?

  • MikeD

    I hope is not another Pug-Faced abbomination that not even a it’s own Mother can love.
    Sorry…i may sound shallow as hell but if it doesn’t go in thru the eyes first then it won’t go anywhere.

  • cool bike honda cbr 1000 rr spesification and feature complete. how much ?

  • Con R

    New Schmoo, 2-3 year old models go for half price….use the saved $$$ to upgrade stock suspension (which is usually crumby and disposable) to Penske, Ohlins or?. Intake and exhaust mods can improve certain aspects of the bike (class rule dependent). Then stockpile several sets of premium rubber. A older model bike can be massaged enough, where it will smoke a new (stock/near stock) bike. The best upgrade is rider experience though…..sign up for some track days to learn your bike and improve tech skills…..New makes for interesting conversation, but its often not the route to the most fun….