Last week Erik Buell Racing debuted the full technical specifications and price tag on the 2012 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS superbike with turn signals. With it were 15 photos that were…how do we say this politely…disproportionate to the grand performance figures EBR is boasting for its first street bike. We know there’s some Buell loyality in the Asphalt & Rubber readership (you guys are troopers considering the amount of punishment we give the American brand), so it’s with great pleasure we bring you these eight high-resolution photos of the EBR 1190RS.

For extra kicks, we decided not to downsize some of the larger photos, so you can do whatever you want with them. Like for instance, make life-size print outs and paste them onto your existing bike (with only 100 Erik Buell Racing 1190RS motorcycles being made, at a hefty $40k MSRP we might add, this option might be as close as many of us get to owning one). Note: if anyone actually does this, please send us a photo. We’ll have to see what sort of penance we’ll have to do here at A&R in order to swing a leg over an 1190RS, until then we eagerly await to hear what the teased RX, SX, and AX models have in store for us. Find the photos after the jump.

Source: Erik Buell Racing; Photos: Tom Davenport / RD Image

  • nice attention to detail,exhaust pipe clamps with an inch of threads hanging in the lookin bake tho does the fr brake pass muster ??

  • Trent

    I wonder if anyone will actually race one without changing out those stupid brakes.

  • spytech

    Why would you change the brakes??? in NJMP i watched the buell bike of geoff it uses the same brakes with a nissin master cylinder. he was braking pretty deep into turn one and i dont recall anyone with brembo monoblocs out braking him lap after lap, i could be wrong i am going from memory – but the point is the brakes are good, very good. if you need better than those brakes you should be a world class rider. are the alternatives better, maybe, yes, by how much? ha, good question and one difficult to answer. simo rides on nissin in motogp – some say it is better than the brembo stuff; argument that really has no answer. preference.

  • AC

    I think it’s a fantastic looking bike. Until you get to the muffler. Feel like a GP-style or undertail would’ve looked a heck of a lot better.

  • spytech

    I personally like this bike better than the 1098R, but i would not pay $40k for either; though if i had too, i would much rather pay it for this bike.

    there is one thing i would like to get clear if anyone can answer. is the 175hp at the rear wheel or crank?

    i like the accosato brake and clutch master cylinders used, but i would have preferred the nissin billet ones or the accosato billet MC, for the price your paying for this bike. and i would have made all 100 bikes the carbon model. i just dont see a customer buying this bike and saying, damn, i just dont have the $4,000 for the carbon model.

  • luke

    LOVE the general shape and look of the carbon edition. The exhaust just looks like it belongs on a two stroke through. Really seems to downplay the decent power figures with a little weiner hanging off the side like that. I agree with whoever said it defintely needs the various piss cups in something better than plain plastic.
    40k huh. how many of these are going to end up ‘art’ in some execs ‘collection room’?

  • jamesy

    Geez, what a tough audience. It looks TITS and how bout letting it rock steady on the track for just a freakin second before we condemn it to some rich guy’s collection. I mean, you MAY be right but damn give it the same break you’d give YOUR favorite brand.

  • jamesy

    That damn logo has to Go Go, looks waaay too much like the Honda Wing imo

  • Andrew

    @luke – yes, the exhaust looks a bit like the old 2 strokes. I’d say this is intentional, and is meant to invoke what many consider the best, most hardcore days of MotoGP – the 500cc 2 stroke era. Besides, you know that no matter what exhaust they put on it, someone will complain. If they make it slim, someone complains it’s a ‘little weiner’. If they make it large, someone will complain about ‘that massive cannon’. It is impossible to satisfy everyone.

  • Patrick

    I think the idea with the wiener exhaust is to make it pass noise and pollution standards while allowing the actual owner to immediately remove it and toss it in the trash. You’d be left with a traditional underslung exhaust and maybe a few extra ponies after retuning?

    More importantly, isn’t this an overpriced RC8 or 1198 without the electronics of the S1k, RSV4 or ZX10?

  • Sloan

    They rolled one out onto pitlane at the AMA races at Barber Motorsports last weekend during the fan walk. Our time was limited as we were trying to get to riders for autographs so I didn’t get to study it in great detail, but just seeing one in person was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t even pay attention to WHO rolled it out but just snapped a few pictures and moved on.

    I did hear several comments similar to, “Look at all that carbon fiber.”