Ever since we heard about the new 2012 Ducati Superbike, we’ve been marking the days until we could see the v-twin sex machine in the flesh. There’s no denying that the specs being banded about on the new Superquadrata motor are impressive, as the new bike is expected to make up to 20hp more than the current Superbike 1198 (though peak performance numbers only tell one side of the story). Also intriguing is the MotoGP-derived stressed-airbox chassis arrangement, which finally does away with the iconic trellis chassis, though has caused some problems for Valentino Rossi on his move to Ducati Corse.

Just last month we got our first look at the new Superbike prototype, as Ducati leaked first a Supersport spec version of what many think will be called the Ducati Superbike 1199. An encore to that moment, the street version of the v-twin superbike leaked just days later. While many of us will have to use our imagination on what Ducati’s latest creation will look like, we’re lucky that Luca Bar Design (website here: bar-design.net) can take those thoughts and put them to paper, err…pixels. Rendering the 2012 Ducati Superbike 1199 from what information that is available, this is perhaps one of the best glimpses as to what the Bologna Bullet will look like. Two more renders after the jump.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • Lord how I hope those are more innacurate than the spy shots would lead me to believe. Looks like we’re going to have a repeat of the 749/999 era as far as aesthetics go (not that I thought those bikes were unattractive but the majority of Ducatisti thought they were heresy). Hopefully I can find a leftover 1198SP when the time comes to move up.

  • buzz

    I think I’d wait a year to let them get the bugs out. A lot of big changes in one year.

  • Really Matt? I think the 1199 looks great, though I thought the 749/999 were good looking bikes in their own right (just not right for Ducati).

  • Tyler Sanborn

    Ugh, I hope these renderings are NOT an accurate attempt at what the new 1199 might look like… Ducati can do MUCH better than that (I hope). As a fellow Ducatisti, I am well aware (and appreciative) of the past & present ‘iconic’ designs that they are famous for, and this “rendering” in comparison to the current superbike is utterly HOMELY. If the new Engine Technology is going to eliminate the famed trellis & underseat dual-exhaust, then the new design had better blow your fucking socks off… this sketch simply does not do that.

    Please Ducati… don’t disappoint the motorcycle world!

  • I’m calling BS on these. Ducati would never leak that. The square head lights with a swoopy tank, back to square and straight, – no way that is not theirs.

  • There weren’t leaked by Ducati, they were made by Luca Bar Design. They’re based off photos of the 1199 testing at Mugello a few weeks back.

  • Jason

    @matt, i wouldn’t worry too much (i’m trying not to). these pics are some guy’s best interpretation/extrapolation of the bike’s appearance from a low-res photo of said bike under a lot of camo. these renderings are weak sauce imho, but we’re all taking the bait now aren’t we?!

  • Rob749

    Looks like a 1000SS, far uglier than 999 based bike, crossed with a Ninja 650F (the horizontal shock) and general ugliness. With a hideous fishbowl tank, and that side fairing makes me feel sick.

    I am hoping Ducati run the bottom fairing the whole length of the bike, with a hole cut for the side exit exhaust (perhaps one each side?). Also hoping for a one piece sub-frame, that can easily switch out between monoposto and biposto.

    And the talk of them throwing away there traditional fuel-tank design hurts me :(

    I really hope Ducati’s version looks better than this, I’m confident it will, but after seeing this I’m cautious… I normally enjoy Luca Bar’s work, but this just… wrong.

  • luke

    that sketch makes baby jesus cry. Don’t do that ducati, you’ve been making some great looking bikes of late!

  • ML

    If this is how the next gen Duc’s are going to look, my next bike with indeed be the MV Agusta F3.

  • MikeD

    AHHhhh… NO. Try HARDER Lucas, u might get it less FuGly.

  • Sleazy

    looks like like that friggin Buell. just with a few corners rounded off.

  • Damo

    The bike will be great looking I have no doubt. But seems to be going the same way Aprilia went with the RSV4, making a super compact super race oriented bike. This is great, unless you are over 5’10”.

    The advent of these super small Italian bikes is forcing me back to Japan (or possibly Austria) in a hurry. I like a superbike I can use as an everyday driver and at 6’2″ 198lbs, these new machines are not an option.

    I could see the advertising campaign: The performance….unmatched, the styling….flawless, the ergonomics….crippling.

  • Kevin

    @Damo- Have you sat on or ridden the 1098/1198/848? You might like it! I would say these bikes are great unless you’re UNDER 5’10”. At 5’8″, I found that I was too stretched out on my 1198. A friend of mine, who is 6’4″, rode it back to back with his S1000 and found the 1198 to be much roomier and more comfortable for him. By comparison, I found his more compact S1000 to fit me better.

    Don’t go to Japan! (…or Austria, well maybe Austria)

  • Damo


    That is just it! The 1198/1098 is comfortable for me, so are the last gen Aprilia RSV’s. But the new RSV4 is trick tiny. (I currently ride a 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille)

    The BMW s1000, KTM RC8R and CBR1000 have been the more comfortable bikes of the current generation. I plan on upgrading within the next 18 months or so and it will probably be one of these. I haven’t checked out the new ZX10 or the MVF4 yet.

  • justin caruana

    for sure that front end is not designed by ducati and even that fuel tank.
    the 1198 is a jewel and i cant imagine how prettier they can make the 1199 lets wait and see.

  • Klaus

    Looks aren’t the most important thing to me. Performance is!!! I would rather have a Ducati that out performs every other superbike, than have a beautiful bike that performs like shit!

  • 190mph

    I’ve seen MCN’s take on this bike in last weeks paper and it looks CONSIDERABLY better. When i first saw the spy shots i thought Ducati had made a big mistake, it seemed so far removed from the 1198, but if it ends up looking like MCN’s take on it it will be a big success.

    But, if it ends up looking like the Luca Bar design then who knows, looks ARE important when it comes to a Ducati superbike, that’s what seperates it from the Japanese. The petrol tank on the Luca Bar bike looks like it’s just been plonked on there – it seems totally alien to the rest of the design.

  • Doug

    Why is there a picture of an Aprilia V4 posted? Kidding…but it looks like an Aprilia V4 and a Ninja 650 did the nasty and this is the aftermath.

  • 1198freak

    They shouldn’t make these renderings with manufacturer’s logo on them, people begin to think the bike will really look like this and they start crying about it. These are just a figment of someone’s imagination, however I wouldn’t be surprised if the bike really does look like this, Ducati has been coming out with some real weird stuff lately. I for one think these are not so much ugly, just not sexy at all, unlike the 1198. Even the 999 looked better than this. Looks are the most important thing about a bike anyway (from a sales point of view) when you really think about it, I bet that a full 90% of bikes sold are sold based on looks. So I hope Ducati take their time and do it right, the new bike’s chassis is completely different so lets keep the looks evolutionary rather than revolutionary.