I often get lambasted in the comments section for being pro-Ducati here on Asphalt & Rubber, and that’s fine by me, because I am. It’s hard not to like a company that has basically defined the modern aesthetic for motorcycles, or a company that continues to grow despite being in the worst recession since The Great Depression. It’s also not hard to love a company that continues to release, year-after-year, new compelling motorcycles, as is the case today with the 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale.

Teased ad nauseam, the Ducati 1199 Panigale shouldn’t disappoint the discerning sport bike rider with a strong appetite for Italian food, as the latest v-twin from Bologna sets many firsts for the superbike market segment. As we predicted last year, the Ducati 1199 Panigale drops 20lbs off the Superbike 1198’s design (22 lbs actually), while making an extra 20hp over its predecessor. Not only is the 1199 Panigale the lightest production superbike on the market, with its 361 lbs dry weight (414 lbs wet), it’s also one of the most powerful with its 195hp peak power figure, courtesy of the Superquadro motor.

Other firsts include a revolutionary monocoque frame, the first full-LED headlight on a motorcycle (another story we broke), the first electronically adjusted suspension on a sport bike, the first engine braking control system, as well as the first GPS-assisted data acquisition system for a production motorcycle (the DDA+ package is an optional equipment item for the Panigale). While traction control comes standard, ABS brakes will also be an optional item for the Ducati 1199 Panigale.

Available in April 2012, as we expected the new Ducati 1199 Panigale has gotten a price increase over the Superbike 1198. Accordingly the base model will cost $17,995, the “S” will cost $22,995, and “S” Tricolore will hit the wallet at $27,995 MSRP.

Source: Ducati

  • Isaac

    OMG, Daddy wants, must convince Momma to let me be buy it!

  • Ralph

    Super Lambada!
    (excuse me lambasted is a word i never heard about)

    What’s the offset rearshock doing?

    This engine in a Suter chasis = CRT! LOL

  • chrome

    I am trying really hard to like this bike. I just keep coming up with “But ‘er face”

    its like they turned the 1198 into an evil dead 1198 with those zombie eyes.

  • John Magnum

    Well i just wanna rub my penis on it and take it home…….
    question on fit form and function though, for the street, is this thing gunna run pretty hot with all that fairing hugging the motor, rear cylinder under the seat inches from your gentleman berries and that exhuast running through the fairing on some hard riding would fry that plastic, would it not?

    there are three groups of consumer, one will have lust and be kicking the door down at their local dealer, one will be waiting a year or so incase of any bugs and the other will look over the shoulder of thier partner whilst having sex to the poster on the wall helping to maintain an iron fisted erection………

  • Minibull

    I love it hahaha, people complain about the wing mirrors on modern bikes, especially the road users. The company then puts mirrors on that give a wider view, and they are slagged off as ugly, and an afterthought.
    Theres just no winning…
    Imo the tank looks great, not at all a “blob”. I like the look of that curled rear header, but as with all modern bikes, first thing to go would be the mufflers, bit too big as always for the emissions.
    Well done Ducati, now we wait for the road and track tests.

  • Cpt.Slow


    Lets play!

  • Other Sean

    chrome, I’m with you. It seems beauty skips a generation at Ducati.

  • AC

    Why does the Tricolore cost so much? Besides the bodywork, I can’t see what makes it worth the price. Past Tricolores came with Termi exhaust at least, right?

    Other than that…beautiful bike. Maybe not the instant classic that the 1×98 is, but still a stunner and a good step forward by Ducati.

  • Halfie 30

    If you are a fan of the Desmosedici RR, and the 1098/1198, this 1199 should be the natural progression to your eyes. The lines and design are a perfect blend of the two if you look at it correctly.

  • Butch

    I like it. I’ll keep my Aprilia RSV4, but I’m glad Ducati is pushing the envelope with style and function. The Europeans…Ducati, BMW and Aprilia… have left Japan behind in terms of innovation and style. I look forward to riding the 1199 once one of my Ducati friends picks one up.

  • motogpdr

    And everyone thought Pierre Terblanche’s 999 was an ugly ducking?

  • ML

    I love some aspects of the bike but cant really warm up to others… like the rear shock; looks like they totally forgot about that part until last minute then just threw it on there. And is that rear wheel 16″? Looks like a ton of rubber.

  • Arrick

    @ML, The “ton of rubber” on the rear wheel is a new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP 200/55 x ZR17, the widest rear tire ever fitted to a Ducati Superbike.

  • TonyS

    Looks like the Luca Bar renderings were pretty accurate.

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  • Westward

    I’m not really digging the lower section of head light cavities. The upper part looks like a Fireblade and the lower part looks like an larger Aprilia RSV4. The mirror are functional I’m sure, but they aren’t the most attractive things…

    Otherwise, the bike overall looks amazing. Love the underbelly exhaust. That being said, I hope the 848 or whatever the smaller displacement bike is, remains with the current body styling, or the make a 796…

  • JCB

    Revolutionary bike.
    DDA + GPS

    Multiple Ride Modes
    Ability to set suspension maps for the track

    195hp/98lb-ft/361.5 dry

    Instant Icon.

  • JCB

    Tricolore costs so much as it has all electronic options including commemorative bodywork, Titanium Race Exhaust (termi) and few other bits.

    Pricey but exclusive as they won’t make many.

  • WHY the stupid Buell exhaust??? WTF, Duc’?

  • Bike is AWESOME but what should I do with my Rsv4!? Think I’ll track this Duck and keep the Rsv4 for canyon runs with the boys!! Can’t wait for the test ride!!! :-)

  • Halfie 30

    @ Greg, do you even know why the motorcycle market has gone to “underslung” exhaust? Maybe you don’t under stand the effect “mass centralization” has on a motor cycle?

  • exstrat

    I’m confused about the monocoque and its supposed advantages. Is this the same “frameless” monocoque design that was used in the GP9, GP10, & GP11, that Ducati eventually replaced in the GP12 with a traditional aluminum frame?

    If yes, why would you want a bike that you could, potentially, loose front end feel (ignore the point of being able to put 100% out of your bike, please).

    If no, I have a lot more reading to do on the actual design of the Desmosedici Carbon Monocoque vs the 1199 Monocoque

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  • Zero have had an LED headlight as an option for a year… http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=119&zenid=9v3kmqv29q1tmrngum4pgdsa91 More fact checking please…

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  • Sean in Oz

    For some reason I keep expecting to see “Hyosung” printed on the tank. Maybe its just the shape of the tank itself.

    The tricolore looks much better than the solid red.

    It will be interesting to see one ‘in the flesh’.

  • ksauze

    “the first engine braking control system, as well as the first GPS-assisted data acquisition system” is an incorrect statement, these are also available on the 2012 S1000RR.
    Not talking about fully progammable ECU, DTC, mappings… (Race) ABS you said.. on a race bike? again check out the s1000rr been here for 2 years.
    195 HP humm… we should expect around 180 HP at the wheel then.
    I can’t wait to test ride it and see the 1199 dyno from AKrapovic site which gives us stock at the wheel: 1198 S at 156 HPstock, the RSV4R at 165HP and S1000RR at 185 HP. I also wonder what the real weight is (414 lbs wet??). Though I like Ducati I don’t live in worderland and I’m always very cautious with marketing figures.

  • Damo


    Settle down there captain, instant icon? That is a bold statement. The last time Ducati had an instant icon was in 1994.

    I bet the bike will perform well (I still doubt it will match the S1000rr or the 2011 ZX10r), but it is still priced a bit off. But at this point lets just talk cosmetics.

    The tail section still looks unfinished to me and the tank actually looks MORE blob like now that I have seen high rez pictures. The exhaust still looks a bit messy to me.

    No sir I don’t like it. The RSV4 is still the best looking bike coming out of Italy.

  • BikePilot

    That is extraordinary! Now I want a naked one with long travel suspension, hypermotard-ish ergonomics and no other changes. It is awesome to finally have a twin with no weight or peak power penalty.

  • Damo


    “Though I like Ducati I don’t live in worderland and I’m always very cautious with marketing figures.”

    That is the most level headed and intelligent comment I have read here in a while. +1 to you, Sir.

  • I don’t even like Ducatis generally, but that thing is gorgeous.

  • loki

    @ksauze – Ducati has to sell, just like the others. But it does so more gallantly.

    BMW wanted to develop a bike with lots of power and electronic goodies in order to beat the japs at their own game, no matter what. They had lots of cash on their hands and so they did: an inline 4 with lots of revs and plenty high-end power – well priced too! And it sells good, as it was intended to. They traded their heritage for profit. So, as far as I’m concerned, the S1000RR is the most “japanese” of all the european bikes on the market right now.

    Ducati is, as far as my perception goes, more refined. It’s still a goddamn V-twin and they got almost 200hp out of it! Let’s see BMW go even remotely close to those figures with a similar 4 valve twin (boxer). It won’t. And I’m really eager to see the more powerful S1000RR go against the Panigale in Superstock 1000 next year, or in Superbike in 2013…

  • Westward

    [exstrat says:]

    “I’m confused about the monocoque and its supposed advantages. Is this the same “frameless” monocoque design that was used in the GP9, GP10, & GP11, why would you want a bike that you could, potentially, loose front end feel (ignore the point of being able to put 100% out of your bike, please).”

    What percentage of the public do you think could ride the bike on the edge like a MotoGP professional, enough to actually lose the front end feel that Rossi and Stoner speak of?

    I think the excuse of front end feel, is a scapegoat for lack of understanding the bikes radical nature. In MotoGP, the bike has been proven fast and capable of winning. Nor has it proven to have gone down any more than any other bike on the grid…

    The 1199 at it’s price point, the number of individuals that would even attempt to track it, or ride it on the edge so to speak (let’s face everybody thinks they can), will be so infinitesimal that it would hardly be an issue…

    I imagine, for those of us that are not initially seduced by its charm, might feel differently once we actually see it in person…

  • Brandon

    Looks like we’ve got a typo there in the paragraph about pricing. Left out the number for the S with ABS.

  • Jake Fox

    From an engineering and technical perspective, I’m in love with this new Duc. Unfortunately, from an aesthetic standpoint, it just doesn’t captivate and mesmerize me like the 1098 did when I first saw it. It’s entirely possible my opinion will change somewhat once I see it in person but I don’t know that I’ll be able to get over the goofy looking exhaust loop (it looks like a sausage), the antennae-like mirror stalks, or the way it looks half-dressed with the fairing ending mid-point over the engine. As others have said, the bike just doesn’t seem to flow like previous Ducati Superbikes. However, if the 1199 makes the 1×98 depreciate slightly so that I can get a gently used one at a better price, I’m all for it.

  • Damo


    Let’s keep in mind they squeeze almost 200hp out of a 1200cc motor. Also no independent tests have confirmed the rating. They wouldn’t be getting that many horses out of a 1000cc V-twin.

    Power isn’t everything. Last year’s Fireblade was way down on power yet finished second in most shootouts AND pulled the best lap times on several circuit tests.

  • Damo


    “In MotoGP, the bike has been proven fast and capable of winning. Nor has it proven to have gone down any more than any other bike on the grid…”

    You have to remember when Stoner was winning with the bike it was still in a trellis frame configuration.

    Of course the 1199 has VERY LITTLE in common with the MotoGP Ducati. So very little.

  • Westward

    @ Damo

    The design cues come from the D16 of 2009-2011. That bike has won races with Stoner, and made the podium even in the hands of Rossi and Hayden. The point being, this bike is more than enough for 99% of the general public, and for those that think they are in that 1%, and can ride like a MGP racer, well, you know how that goes…

    So complaining that the chassis design is somehow flawed enough to bring down the general riding public that will buy this machine, due to the front end, is about as likely as spotting a UFO while sitting in a hot tub with Lauren Vickers…


    [Damo says:]

    “Let’s keep in mind they squeeze almost 200hp out of a 1200cc motor. Also no independent tests have confirmed the rating. They wouldn’t be getting that many horses out of a 1000cc V-twin.”

    MotoGP has shown to get over 200hp out of an 800 cc’s, so anything is possible…

    Someone once told me that, “there is no replacement for displacement.” If that were true then the Harley Davisdon Sportser 1200 would smoke a Ducati 848, and we all know that is not true…

  • Damo


    Point taken and I agree for the most part. In all honesty a 1999 Honda 919RR is more than enough bike for 99% of the people that ride.

    I guess I am just nitpicking because I am very fond of this new Ducati engine (finally no 7000 mile service intervals!), but I think everyone is getting all amped up with no third party info yet.

    Seriously though the only thing that has prevented me from buying a Duc has been the service schedule and the Ergos (which I can work around). I use my bike as my primary mode of transport, which I know is odd considering I only really ride superbikes.

  • Gary

    Another thing that’s hard not to love – the small, minimally funded enterprise of individual engineers and designers perpetually sticking it in the face of other huge budget/workforce corporations with their soulless product committees. Go Italy!

    No comment on the aesthetics…other than, you can place my ballot with the thumbs-down populous.

  • JP

    To those hating on the bike because the MotoGP team sucked this year:

    The main reason this bike will work and the MotoGP bike didn’t- there is unlimited testing in street bike development….

  • Grant Madden

    Love the bike,wonder what it would look like in black and although the design is a work of art in most ways why does the brake resevoir look so cheap and old school 70s type?

  • RSVDan

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to flog one.

  • Dan, I hope you’re talking about riding the bike, and not what you do on your lunch break.

  • RSVDan

    Why can’t I do both??

  • Stoner won last year on the Carbon frame but it was inconsistent.. Ducati will race a twin beem frame but don’t expect it to be made out of aluminum more than likely out of carbon… Reason they currently shelved the airbox carbon frame is because the engine rule prevented them from making too many frame changes cause the 6 motors are selected at the becoming of the season.. Last year Honda test 32 frames with Pedrosa till they finally found the right combination of flex, grip, and durability!! To be frank I think the best decision Honda made was Stoner!!! The Pinagale is awesome and shares tons with the GP bike, biggest difference is the V2…

  • fazer6

    BTW, MV has had EBS, an engine braking system, for some time, so Ducati is not first on that one.

  • fazer6

    Oh, and this thing is ugly. Sorry, but it is.

  • MikeD

    After looking at it for a couple of days now…Meh, what hell, i have done worse than this butter-face…let me at it(base model only, all the others u guys can keep it)…UGLY or NOT. LMAO.

  • jaybond80

    ‘Shocking’ things on the new Ducati superbike contender :

    1) The styling is not elegant anymore , more like a radical & functional looking superbike.

    2) Strange offset position for the rear shock which further enhanced the radical theme.

    Coupled that with the monocoque frame, revolution seems the only way forward for Ducati.

  • Halfie30

    @ fazer6 So is your Fazer 6… LOL

  • Cpt.Slow

    Guys to each his own… one can disagree with styling (and other factors with out being bashing. Why can’t we be happy that factories are making such efforts?

    Such master pieces that will grace bedroom walls, desk-top backgrounds, and sketch books. Machines that inspire, push, and stir the blood?

  • Clay


  • gib

    Ducati 916 iconic motorcycle, in 20 years time we wont be saying that about the 1199 !

  • JCB

    You heard it here (again).

    Ducati 1199 Panigale S is an instant icon.

    All of the manufacturers including BMW have much more by the means of resources to generate a bike comparable to the Panigale. They haven’t. Ducati just upped the ante. They have been first to the PRODUCTION market with many innovations that other manufacturers have yet to pull off their GP bikes.

    I’ll go a step further @ Damo:

    1199 Panigale F will win superstock and superbike in their inaugural years.

    I’ll be very interested to see head to head tests as long as Kentu’s bias at Sport Rider isn’t involved.

  • MikeD

    I think i have come to terms as to “what i think is wrong” with it.

    Drum Roll…………. The shape of the “Snow Plow Section” or for those of u still confused, i meant the curve of the lower fairing right after the front wheel.

    Check it side by side with the outgoing 1198 AND SEE how the 1199 has little to no curve to it(almost perpendicular to the ground), it too looks very similar to the CBR1000RR “snow plow”.

    All the other stuff is alright, even if most of it don’t “flow” or w/e it is … lol.

  • Clay

    i dont mind the lines of the ‘snow plow’ its hugging the front wheel and looks good IMO. The 1199 is not at all as revolutionary a design today as the 916 was in 1994.

    The tail is very similar to the RSV4, Ducati are probably paying KTM or Buell royalties for the silencer design- so like I said not revolutionary…however in terms of tech and performance coming from a twin cylinder road bike, it is outstanding!!!

  • Silvio


    Ducati sucks in reliability. I used to have a 999 and after 2 months of useage, on a rainy day its tacho went off and engine stop after some drops on the cockpit. I sold it immediately.

    I prefer zx10r OR s1000rr OR MV4 over this 1000 times.

    btw, in europe we have 210 horsepower zx 10r standard.
    it could easily be chip tuned ~230 HP and small mods.
    so it is BEST BANG for BUCK


    WELL, if you wanna pose and have a COLLECTIBLE bike than you can go for MV AGUSTA F4 from our beautiful Italy.


  • Clay

    210 HP standard…u must be smoking hash + its not all about HP, have you heard of rideability? Its the reason checa can lap faster than the more powerful competition.

    + my 999 has been super reliable!

  • This bike is definately the best looking bike that Ducati have produced. Some will point out the 916 but really that is looking a bit old now. This new bike looks modern but better than most of the Japanese alternatives

  • Isaac


    I hear you, I always hear 916 this and 916 that. That bike looks very antiquated now. This one looks far better than any I have ever seen come from the Ducati stable. There is only one other bike from them that I like just as much and that is the MH900e. I sure do wish they’d make another one withe Monster 1100cc motor.