Up-Close with the 2012 Brammo Empulse RR

05/04/2012 @ 11:41 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Brammo is back for electric motorcycle racing in the North American TTXGP series, as the Ashland-based company is set to defend it’s #1 plate this year with Steve Atlas on board ( Shelina Moreda is slated to join the team later in the season). Gaining a title sponsorship from Icon, Brammo arrived at Infineon Raceway Sears Point with some edgy graphics on the 2012 Brammo Empulse RR. Dropping roughly 35 lbs in weight, and gaining roughly 50hp over the bike they ran at last year’s season opener, Brammo is making most of those gains in its revised motor and power inverter for the newest Empulse RR.

The chassis is noticeably the same to last year’s bike, and sans some minor improvements here and there, the bike is technically very similar to last year’s lap-record setter. Unlike the Brammo Empulse R that will debut Tuesday next week, the Empulse RR does not use the six-speed IET gearbox. Brammo’s Brian Wismann explained to A&R that the high-voltage system that the Empulse RR uses does not benefit as much from the IET gearbox as the lower voltage street bike does, and thus hasn’t made it to the race bike…yet.

With these pictures taken just a couple hours before Steve Atlas had a highside crash at Sears Point, we imagine the 2012 Brammo Empulse RR doesn’t look as good as when we last saw it. Atlas took a pretty big hit, but is said to be ok (UPDATE: Atlas has six fractured vertebrae, and will be out for the weekend). The bike on the other hand…well, hopefully the Brammo crew can get it ready in time for this weekend’s two TTXGP races in wine country. More drool material after the jump.

Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Ed Gray

    Do they have a backup rider? If not getting it ready for the race will do little good.

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  • Ed,

    Shelina Moreda is Brammo’s second rider. She wasn’t supposed to race this weekend for Brammo, but is at Sears Point racing in the AMA Supersport class.

  • Kyle G

    Thanks for sharing great pictures and info. Does the swingarm pivot in front of front sprocket? It definitely appears to. Too bad about Atlas getting hurt…best wishes to him and Brammo this weekend

    Guess on weights; 20lbs out of the motor, 5lbs out of the swingarm and 10lbs out of the controller

  • Ed Gray

    Kyle G, the swingarm pivot location is defiantly peculiar. The pictures appear to intentionally make it difficult to determine the chassis geometry. I find this a little odd, as I would think that a company of this size would concentrate on innovating is a single area. Moving the swingarm pivot point so radically from the norm is certain to have an impact on how the motor loads up the suspension. What that impact is I can’t quite imagine, especially with out really being able to see where the pivot really is.

  • Without looking at my notes, I believe Brian told me that the inverter is significantly smaller and lighter than last year. Some weight loss in the motor as well, though it sounds like there is more room for weight loss gains in there still.

  • Guy G

    This new photo system sucks big time. Only thing what come’s from this playing smart is readers moving to the other sites :(