2011 Yamaha YZF-R1 – Now With Skulls

09/24/2010 @ 5:43 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Yamaha has quietly released information on the 2011 Yamaha YZF-R1 on its website, and as expected there are few changes for the new year. With plenty of R1’s sitting in the factory, Yamaha took a slugging during the recession, and is still unloading leftover inventory onto dealers. To help sell those 2011 Yamaha R1’s though, the tuning fork brand has thrown some new paint on the faster red ones…and by new paint we mean skulls with wisps of fire and brimstone.

We’d be lying to you if we said the disappointment ended there. Hoping to sell those R1’s more readily, Yamaha has increased the price on the 2011 Yamaha YZF-R1 by $300 across the board ($13,590 MSRP Raven Black & Yamaha Racing Blue/White), except for the red skull bike, which will command a $500 premium over last year’s model ($13,790 MSRP Candy Red/Raven). With prices like that, the ridiculous Yamaha R1 Rossi Edition is starting to look good.

Other than cosmetics, no other changes come to the 2011 Yamaha YZF-R1. Expect them to hit dealers in October of this year.

Source: Yamaha

  • Ricardo


    I just wish I had a bit more dough and less common sense, so I could rush out and get me one of these gems!

  • Isaac

    LOL…..that is the truth! I’d do the same except I’d have to be a ‘squid’ as well.

    They need to selling these ‘gems’ at 40% off if they want to move them.

  • Sean

    Destined to be ridden in straight lines for hundreds of miles…before meeting a bitter end turning into the driveway at 25 mph.

  • TES

    Really? Skulls? Really? Pretty cheezy and very uninspiring… Yamaha can (and should have) done better.

  • Ian

    I believe the term the kids use these days is… OMG. And not in a good way

  • wookee

    Haha nice. Where is my Tapout or Affliction edition? Gotta cash in on the MMA wannabes crowd.

  • Kevin White

    “and by new paint we mean skulls with wisps of fire and brimstone”

    Except it’s not paint, it’s a decal. Downside is it’s even cheesier, upside is it can be removed.

  • Greg

    Dudes, c’mon skulls are kewl!

  • Rexr

    What a load of shit….ffs

  • Keith

    let’s see it be comfortable (bone stock) for a 24hr ride…straight through no sleep, stop for fuel only. Oddly enough an EX250 can do that @ 80mph.

  • They should have rolled that paint scheme out closer to Halloween.

    The wookee might be right, maybe there is a group out there on the fence about the boring paint schemes over the last decade. umm… prob not.

    Good times.

  • RGR

    Forget the skulls, that front fairing is still the fugliest in all of sportbikedom. The R1 is in serious need of an overhaul. Ugh… those headlights…

  • Isaac

    RGR you said it, amen! That bike has such a wonderful motor but it looks like a pig on wheels.

    I can see the squids now in the showroom, “Yo dawg…these skullz be match’n my tatt’s yo”.

    All you need is the R1 logo, that alone is enough to carry the bike.

  • MikeD

    HEY HEY HEY, Stop picking on my favorite Piggy from all 1K’s.

    I could put up with cheesy decals, the verbal abuse and name calling just because that Engine sounds OH SO SWEET…(^_^ )

    Kinda like dating an ugly chic with a spankin body…hehehe. Priorities man, priorities…

  • Ken C.

    I never liked the headlights because it makes the bike look like it has 2 beady little eyes in big empty eye sockets. Bringing the skull theme into the mix actually reinforces that stigma, and that’s not good.

    The R1 needs a facelift, badly, AND they need to clean up that tail section. Those cans look chunky under there.

  • MikeD

    @Ken C:
    Tail section does look FAT, even tho the undertail exhaust is a landmark on the R1(as of late anyways) i think they should revert to the first Gen Style or at least “Condense” the current one a little (in a way that the muffler wouldn’t be visible hanging under the heat shields) i think it would be slim enough to look aceptable.

    Or make it like a Taylordmade for the 08-09 CBR1000RR.

  • Greg

    MikeD, you mean a butter face girl?

  • ty

    Sounds like Furusawa got his grubby hands on the design department as well.

    After effing up the relationship with the greatest ambassador for marketing the industry has ever seen (apart from the small detail of possibly being the greatest GP rider ever), it looks like these idiots are truly serious about demolishing the legacy of the tuning fork. I guess we’ll soon see skulls on pianos and guitars – just before the final gasp of its corporate harakiri.

  • brandon

    At a glance, those skulls seriously look like roadrash.

  • MikeD

    U said it Greg, not Me…lol.

  • Jake Fox

    So from the Japanese I have the options of the Yamaha with Skulls, The Honda CBR with some chick’s O-face plastered all over it, the Kawi that turns me into two-wheeled free advertising for Monster Energy drinks, or the Suzuki GSXR whose paint schemes have never been easy on the eyes. Is it just me or do the Japanese bikes get progressively uglier every year? Recession aside, they might sell a few more bikes if they weren’t emptying whole clips into their feet at every available opportunity.

  • Shaitan

    Wassup with Yamaha’s styling of R1’s and R6’s lately. Some (not all) are super gimmicky the last 4-5 years with designs that might look cool for about a month, then you’ll feel like a 12-year old dork. I love skulls, dragons and demons sometimes, but NOT on the side of my bike or helmet. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I want a wicked looking bike that doesn’t look like it came out of a custom paint shop, but instead out of a futuristic factory or racetrack. I think Kawi, BMW, Aprilia, KTM and Ducati all get it, but Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha seemed lost on styling lately. Just my humble opinion of course…it’s all subjective.