2011 KTM 1198 RC8 R: 175hp…Sorta

11/12/2010 @ 12:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

If you’ve heard any loud thuds while visiting A&R the past two weeks, it’s been us falling over ourselves over the 2011 KTM 1198 RC8 R. For 2011, the new RC8 R gets a number of refinements to its already stout package, and for the spec sheets racers the most drool-worthy stat perhaps is the bike’s modest power boost to 175hp, up from its base of 167hp. There’s a kicker to that power figure though, it comes from switching the base engine map, which is designed for 91 octane (AKI rating, which is what we use here in the USA), to a 93 octane map.

It could seem like we’re splitting hairs here, but unless you live next to a race track where gas stations will often carry the 93 octane rated fuel, you’ll be risking pinging KTM’s beautiful 1195cc motor with the lower-rated fuel, and be relegated to using the 170hp engine map while on the street. We don’t know how RC8 R owners will only handle 170hp on the street, hopefully the photos after the jump will help.

Source/Photos: KTM

  • I think it just varies by region. Here in the Memphis area, 93 octane is the standard premium fuel. On the rare chance that I come across a station with 91 octane (only happened once that I can remember), I move on to a different one with 93.

  • max

    Same here, 98RON (the equivalent of 93AKI) is available at every petrol station. Same with Europe, not a big issue. Plus 99% of the people with this machines would always put premium fuel.

  • bikepilot

    Pretty much every gas station in the eastern half of the US carriers 93 octane as standard. Some stations even have 94. Now mind I have doubts as to how careful stations are not to mix the various grades and then there’s the issue of how much you get from whatever is left in the hose from the previous purchase. Hopefully they are just being cautious with the specs and it’ll actually run fine on anything. I know my TLS does just dandy on anything that more or less resembles gas (dyno tested on 87 with no problems).

  • ML

    I hate california. I really need to move. Ugh!

    We only have 91 octane, but that’s not why I want to move. This was going to be my next bike. Any ideas on getting around the 93 octane requirements? There are a few stations that sell ‘race fuel’ (100 octane) but those are FAR away from where I live. Any additives?

    I really want this bike!!!

  • spy

    I really like this bike… i hope price is inline with a 1198 Base model, no more than $1500 more. it would be nice if they got fueling perfect on this bike. though this bike comes out a year before ducati comes out with their next generation Twin. for those that want the latest and have a preference to a twin like i do, you may want to wait.

  • Aj

    ML, leave California?

    Want to trade? I live in Canada and riding season is just winding down for the next five months, six if you can’t take the single digit (C) temperatures.

    Shell has a 94 Octane out here so that map issue wouldn’t bother me, but why would I buy this bike when for the same money I could get a bike with traction control? If I’m going to be without traction control, I’m better off to stick with my 07 gsxr (or any other mid 00’s literbike).

    The KTM is sexy, but its a few features short of worthwhile when compared to its contemporaries.

  • RSVDan

    “The KTM is sexy, but its a few features short of worthwhile when compared to its contemporaries.”

    I guess that depends on the customer. I still prefer my wrist as the best means of traction control.

  • uhuk uhuk

    what the new things at this 2011 bike compared to previous??from front to tail, no change..

    i dont see any new part except colour and graphic…and it still most ugly compared to other bike in the same class..

    maybe KTM’s engineer doesn’t have any idea at all to create 100% of new KTM RC8 for 2011…..very poor….KTM should fire them and take new man for the job…

    rider just not want the power bike, power engine but new face and change..then they can feel the exciting of new bike than before….with this bike, useless..

    KTM…learn from other brand how to create all new bike…look at Yamaha R1 for example…learn something……….

  • Ades

    Simple solution: Move to Australia.

    You can choose between 91, 95 and 98 octane fuels at every gas station. Personally I use the 98 as it has the “make bike go fast now” effect………

  • Halfie30

    This bike is by far the sickest looking bike in it’s class (better look out of the New ZX-10R though), but it really does need to be more feature laden to justify it’s price that is on par with Duc’s S models, and Aprilia’s Factory models. Aprilia got the message, and Ducati has been the leader in features for years now. Even Kawi is going to offer a bike with t.c., power modes, and much more than KTM offers for only around 14 grand. I want this bike, but I’ll wait to see what EBR has up their sleeve!

  • Billy B.Tso

    Australia does love its high octane fuels! as ‘Ades’ said, take your pick at any gas station in the city/suburban areas…maybe not deep country gas stations though…so provided you’re not doing a tour of central outback Australia, you should be ok…then again probably not the bike to tour the desert with hey, ha!

  • Alex

    You guys are forgetting the difference between RON and AKI. 98 RON is the same as 93AKI, I am also in Australia, and I agree that we have 91, 95, 98 pretty much at all gas stations, however so does the US (equivelant).