2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R SBK Now in Green

09/02/2010 @ 3:26 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Kawasaki will be officially be “unveiling” its 2011 World Superbike-spec ZX-10R at Nurburgring this weekend, but has released photos of the bike, finally showing the ZX-10R in its green livery. Team Green has slowly been leaking photos and videos of the new 10R through a massive online social marketing campaign, which centered around the company’s Next_Ninga twitter account.

Kawasaki is putting a lot of weight on the superbike’s shoulders after being un-competitive in World Superbike racing, and withdrawing completely from MotoGP. Hoping the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-1oR will turn around Kawasaki’s racing fortunes, Kawasaki is also hopeful that the bike will help spur its fading sport bike sales.

For 2011, Kawasaki says it has down a top-down approach to the ZX-10R, starting for the first in the company’s history with making the race bike before the street model. This hopefully means that the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R will be a no-compromises race/track weapon with turn signals, but we’ll leave that hyperbole until A&R gets a leg over one.

Source: Kawasaki

  • Ken

    looks good. you can really get an idea of lines and shapes of the body and tail with it being in green now. looks good. Honda tail +R1 swing arm.

    now i just wanna see it with headlights.

  • Will

    Let’s go Big Green!

  • MikeD

    Sagging sport bike sales? Maybe if there bike weren’t butt ugly they would sell more! This one looks OK, but i will reserve judgment until till it comes out in street form. Hopefully it’s not crossed eyed like the last one!

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  • MikeD

    That front end (headlight area) have TO GO…AWAY… IT looks as BAD as the current ZX10R.

    The Designer OR Team on charge of that part of the Fairing should be skinned and burnt alive in front of KHI HQ in Japan as an example setting of how hideous and wrong it looks. I hope a miracle happens and the Street going version will look good.

    PLEASE! No more turning signals on the Mirror Stems.

    Nothing yet in the Kawasaki 1K LineUp looks as clean as the 2004-2005 ZX-10R. JMHO.

    I think Kawasaki’s GP Bike looks Cleaner and Simpler than this cookie cutter SuperBike effort.
    Is cleaner and simpler bad things to have on bikes nowadays ?

  • Antti

    Is that rearshock mounted horizontally? It seems like it… wonder why.

  • MikeD

    I think i have read somewhere they are using this new location to get the shocks as far as possible from the exhaust pipe in order to keep temps stable and shocks action constant (no heat to make it’s oil thin thus keepeing things pretty even stable).
    Maybe even to the point to aid mass centralization ?

    Wierd, cause all this time i never heard someone complaining about how it’s shock was being cooked by the rear cylinder…..oh, wait…that only seem to be a problem on Sport-Twins (RC51, SV1000S, Mille, TL1000R(S), maybe even some of the undertail exhausted I4s (R1, CBR600-1000RR, previous ZX-6R, ZX-10R, etc.) So yeah, maybe there was always a reason after all.

    Just talking out of my rear end here, lol (^_^ )

  • Peter

    Never noticed my rear shock being cooked on my Mille.

    And what do you have against turn signals in the mirrors? I like it. Less stuff protruding from the body.

  • MikeD

    Maybe “cooked” sounded a bit strong for what i tried to imply. It does get “warm” back there tho. Unless the Mille has a build in “wall” in the swing arm betwin the shock and the rear cylinder head pipe. ALso, yours is a 60* twin so maybe your rear head is not “sharing” heat as much as the others ? being that it is a narrower engine front to back.

    My SV1000N doesn’t have this “wall”. Both rear head pipe and shock share the same swing arm cavity. The shock comes with some kind of sheet metal “sock” but i doubt is any good.

    No, nothing against it “build in the mirror plastic housing” {like the latest gsxr1000 comes to mind} but it looks fugly when they tack it to the metal tube that connects the plastic housing to the handle bar or clip on. JMHO.