The 2011 BMW R1200R Gets the DOHC Treatment

10/28/2010 @ 6:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Ahead of EICMA, BMW has released information on the 2011 BMW R1200R & 2011 BMW R1200R Classic street bikes (along with the 2011 BMW G650GS). Getting the R1200GS/R1200GT’s dual-overhead cam twin-cylinder boxer motor, the R1200R series gets a 500 RPM boost, more power (110hp), and more torque (87.77 lbs•ft) from the updated air-cooled 1170cc motor. Other minor updates include a more distinct old school style for the 2011 BMW R1200R Classic, while both bikes benefit from an increased stand pipe (41mm up from 35mm) on the front Telelever suspension.

Other subtle changes to the R1200R’s are the two-bolt configuration on the cylinder head, which used to have four bolts (breath-taking, we know). A shorter exhaust pipe is used with both bikes, with a brushed sleeve for the BMW R1200R, and chrome plated version for the BMW R1200R Classic. The 2011 BMW R1200R will get aluminum alloy wheels, while the 2001 BMW R100R Claissc will have alloy rims held to the bike via spoked hubs for that retro feel.

Both bikes can be fitted with the optional electronic suspension (ESA), which changes the R1200R’s rear pre-load with a touch of a button, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and automatic stability control (ASC). Our favorite touch though has to be the revised instrument cluster, which brings a classy look the bikes. Check out a whole mess of photos after the jump.

2011 BMW R1200R:

2011 BMW R1200R Classic:

Source: BMW

  • MikeD


  • Don E

    Must resist.. must resist.. hope one of the red ones doesn’t show up at my dealers real soon.. if so, my ’07 might get relegated to California duty..

  • Hugh Lyonsack

    This is a great bike. Can’t wait to see it with the Wunderlich fairing and other goodies. I like the mags, and the stripes, but they look to be exclusive.
    Very nice indeed.

  • Pedro

    Just for curiosity: I noticed all new photos from BMW where taken in Portugal :D

  • Those pictures are definitely from San Francisco, California. Note the Golden Gate Bridge, and one of SF’s historic trolly cars that run on the Embarcadero (the trolly car could be from Portugal though, since they’re all from different cities).

  • Omar A

    Sorry Jensen, those pictures are definitely from Portugal. The red bridge is the “25 de Abril bridge” located in Lisbon over the Tajo river (yes… similar to the Golden Gate) Note the big “Cristo Rei” monument in the same picture. Very nice the new R1200R Classic!!!