55 Photos of the 2011 Benelli TnT R160

06/20/2011 @ 3:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

We brought you some of the first pictures of the 2011 Benelli TnT R160 all the way back from the 2009 EICMA show. Originally slated as 2010 model-year bike, the R160 has taken a while to make its way into dealer showrooms. The pinnacle of the TnT line, the R160 is presumably worth the wait with its 157.8hp, 88.5 lbs•ft of torque, and 474 lbs ready-to-ride curb weight. As with anything though, the devil is in the details, and the Benelli TnT R160 is no different.

There’s something about Adrian Morton’s design with the TnT that we’re drawn to like a moth to flame, nearly bringing one into this author’s stable of motorcycles (I wouldn’t mind a Benelli Tornado Tre 1130 too). Plagued with electrical issues though, the TnT line perpetuates the Italian stereotype of finicky and unreliable motorcycles trapped in otherwise gorgeous veneers. Seeing the Benelli TnT R160 in 2009, we were disappointed on the fit-and-finish of the bike, as the pitted and cloudy carbon exterior seemingly matched the interior: unrefined.

With the 2011 Benelli TnT R160 now ready for dealer showrooms, Benelli’s top streetfighter seems to have benefited from a better build process, and we hear that some of the electrical issues have even been resolved. While we’ll reserve judgment as to whether the bike can maintain a positive net charge at a stand-still, it sure is stunning in its final form. There are 55 high-resolution photos of the new Benelli TnT R160 waiting for you after the jump.

Source: Benelli

  • BikePilot

    That is the hotness!

  • MikeD

    Ok…these are HOT, I would HIT THAT any time…

    Point made…BUT…I think they (Benelli) are starting to look as “FRESH” as MV AGUSTA…

    Benelli, get to it. Your bikes altough still good looking and decent performers and hopefully better reliability as of late have look the same for like what ? 5-10 years now ?

    They look and smell as fresh as a “one week old road kill in the middle of August in the Florida Everglades”….(x_x )

  • Jaybond

    Just tired of all these naked bikes. Where’s the new Benelli Supersport machine ?

  • Back in 2003 with the Benelli Tornado.

  • MikeD


    Yes, that’s another Gem that they haven’t bother keep polishing…a real shame, it’s FRIGGIN SEXY…(^_^ ) Total FAP Material. LOL.

  • Adrian does some good work, I mean just look at his latest creation: the MV Agusta F3.

  • MikeD

    The Guy…he got talent…nuff said… (O_O )
    It did catch me by surprise he designed both…haaa, ain’t that a bee…(^_^ )

  • froryde

    Nice, but what I want to know is where’s the Benelli 600 supersport with a hub center steered front end?

  • Steve

    I love this thing and would own one today if I were sure it would get me home. It looks so good I almost don’t care. Had a good friend ride his up to Big Sur from L.A. last weekend and he said he had a great time riding it up there. He said he can’t wait to go back….to pick up his dead Benelli with a bad generator. Nice!

  • MikeD


    Yup, that’s one of the aches i have heard about…a darn shame…they gotta get their shiznit togheter.

  • Rexr

    I’ve always liked TNT might be in a position to get one quite soon…….

  • Nerve

    Tre 1130 owner here. Electrics isn’t an issue. Alternator shaft is. So when you pick yours up, have them show you the new shaft they put in, that’s it. All the rest/shiznit is bollocks, but of course, don’t stand still in LA traffic with a 163bhp SuperBike and think “oh they anticipated this in the factory, I’m gonna be all right”. As to new models, you’ve got a point there. But there are so few benellis around, they don’t tire. I’ve seen 6 benellis on the street (bar mine and those in the shop) during my life. And own the only Tre 1130 in my country – of 10 million people .. :)

  • MikeD

    @ Nerve:

    Always good to hear a word coming from a real world user…would u mind telling more what is like to live daily with your Monster Tre ? What needs “fixing or improvement” to make it better ?

  • Nerve

    rearsets are slippery, robby moto has adjustable Tre rearsets. Lose the dunlop 207’s /50 and replace with Rosso2 180/55. Remove cat. that’s the easy stuff. Harder is a cure for injection on/off : difficult pointing to apex and hitting it coz when you ‘chain up’ inside the corner, it runs wide. I’m having a suspension specialist look a the rear shock : i’d like it to carve the road more, bike is seriously front biased and twitchy mid-corner on those occasions when u change your mind a bit :)

    Triple sound is addictive, triumph can’t hold a candle in that department, they sound like jap fours.

    youtube “benelli tnt hpe” for an accurate sound bite. She’s a keeper.

  • Joe

    My daily ride is a TnT Cafe Racer. Benelli Officine exhaust and PC III. Denso alternator warranty replacement with shaft and gear was done at 5200 miles and now have almost 10k in 14 months. Absolutely the most thrilling, fun and fast bike in my garage. (Two Guzzi and a Norton Commando). The handling is perfect with a proper set up and tops out at 167-170, depending on conditions. You NEED this bike!

  • Jeram

    my mates got a TNT, I really hope theyve ironed out all the bugs in this years model!

    bike wont hot start as the ambient temp sensor is right near engine, so ecu thinks its riding on the SUN

    engine gears bind when hot causing damage to the engine

    and other miscellaneous electrical gremlins!

    the day they sort theyre riliability issues out will be the day I go and ride one back to back with a speed triple and take one of the bikes home with me.

  • MikeD

    Thanks Folks…always nice to hear from the REAL users not some paid{sponsored} motorcycle rag and some of their squid testers…

    Jeram, when u say engine gears: Are u referring to the primary drive off the crankshaft or the transmission gears ?

    I heard in some of the complaints some primary drives failing due to poor metalurgy and or alloy.
    {i think like chewing each others cause the metal was too soft ?}

    The ambient temp sensor is no big deal…most probably it can be relocated{then again, when u pay that much for this class of bike u think all this gremlims are non-existent…guess not…live and learn ?}

    @ Joe & Nerve: Thanks for sharing your xperiences.

  • Nerve

    Jeram is referring to the alternator shaft thing. It does need to be replaced, but is the only structural thing. From 2008 it is not an issue any more. Saying things like “soft metal” is what really kills a brand. The subcontractors that Benelli uses are the same as the rest in their industry employs. RSV & Tre share switchgear. Do you really think someone goes like “hey, its benelli, lets make some money and use an inferior alloy, or that benelli says: our engines need to last only 10k, go easy on the topgrade. You think benelli has it’s own furnace, and machines its own axles ?? You think the ducati factory in thailand will source its lumps in italy ?
    When hot, metal expands. An engineer made a mistake of a few micromillimeters. Can u say “TL1000” ?
    The factory doesn’t argue with you : they replace it, even beyond warranty. Your dealer takes a picture of the broken axle and attaches it to the spare parts email, that’s what happened with mine. Unlike ducati, benelli is a lot more lenient when it comes to warranty, both in terms of period and content. It’s the responsability of first owners to look into the alternator shaft thing. Second hand buyers need to have this checked, in writing, before they put their money down. That’s it.

    Enjoy this while you wait for yours : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEQtkQA_EBw

  • MikeD

    Ah, that sweet sound….Come’on Lottery….(^_^ ) lol.

    Thanks for pointing the specifics about it and what to look for and what years and what not.
    I will say this tho…there’s a lot of STIGMA regarding this brand…specially for being chinesse owned but still designed and operated in Italy.

    Don’t kill the messanger…just saying…and since i don’t own one i have to rely on what others say and choose what to believe from all the “comments”.

  • JoeD

    Actually, the alternator check is part of the 600 mile Dealer Service. The change is to a Belleville Washer , new shaft with larger diameter bolt and gear. Sometime during the 07 model year the upgraded parts were factory installed but no specifics. Mine was one of the early ones with the old setup–a tab washer that loosened and a DENSO alternator with a broken shaft. I was working at a Benelli Dealership and did the inspection and all was well. 5000 miles later the failure occurred. A few days later, the parts arrived and it took about 30 minutes to fit while in my driveway with basic tools. Try that with a Jap vehicle. It is a shame that some feel there is something inherently wrong with the brand but my experience has been overwhelmingly positive and you sure get some looks as well. Not for sale. Ever.