In order to get ready for MotoGP’s stop at Le Mans in two weeks, Yamaha France has released a special promotional package and four (both in variety and total production) race replica motorcycles on its website. We’ve already seen the American Fiat-Yamaha R1 LE, with its race livery and fake Rossi signature, but the new race rep’s from Yamaha France will feature paint schemes from both the Fiat-Yamaha and Monster Tech3 Yamaha teams. For the added €1,000 price tag the race replica’s demand, they’re actually a pretty good value, especially when compared to the American YZF-R1 LE. More on that after the jump.

We here in the United States are pretty lucky considering the 2010 Yamaha YZF-R1 retails for only $13,290 ($14,500 for the LE), when in France the base model R1 retails at €15,990, (€16,990 for these LE’s). At the current exchange rate, that’s quite a pretty penny for sportbike, so obviously adding to that cost is going to hurt the pocketbook only more so. However for that added metric grand, you get not only a Yamaha R1 in one of your MotoGP rider’s race liveries, but also the following:

  • Bike seat cover with the official team colors bearing the number of pilot
  • Pair of YEC racing levers
  • Replica helmet of the MotoGP rider whose race replica you’ve chosen (which can be signed by that rider was well)
  • Official Yamaha team shirt,
  • 2 paddock passes paddock at Le Mans for the Moto GP weekend
  • “Wild card” track day with Yamaha instructors
  • Certificate of authenticity and a plaque attached to specific authentication framework makes these machines truly unique.

The bikes will also be hand-delivered at Le Mans by the four Yamaha GP riders, which is probably worth the price of admission right there. Clearly the promotion is a hit, as the Rossi and Spies replicas have been locked in already. Lorenzo’s bike has been reserved (we’re assuming only payment is pending), and the Edwards replica is still available (probably for only a couple more seconds). If only we could get these kind of promotions in the United States, maybe the Fiat-Yamaha R1 LE would look like a better bang for the buck.

We really hope that Yamaha brings the Spies/Edwards color combo out to the United States, where you know…Colin and Ben are actually from, which makes this probably the only time a bunch of Texan motorcycle racing fans will wish they were French. Touché France, you win this round.

Source: Yamaha France

  • Blake

    I think I might pass out if Spies or Rossi road up on the bike and handed me the keys. At least I could say one of the best had ridden my bike.

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  • Voodoovaj

    Don’t forget that the French limit their motorcycle to 100hp. You would have to be monumentally impaired to buy a sport bike in France.

  • Mickey

    French people buying japanese motorcycles with American flags on them. Who knew it could happen

  • ludofrenchalpes

    argh 100ch maudit :( vous avez raison oui je suis français ;) nous avons laisser s éteindre une belle moto VOXAN , mais scorpa sherco ,je n’oublie pas la belle wakam ( moteur S&S ) , lazareth … tech3
    j’aime les buell …………
    je voudrais tant un C1 ( FULL)
    je pense que ce monsieur à le “chic” de comprendre une globalité et de vous faire comprendre celle-ci , point par point .
    oui , la moto ( quelle qu’elle soit pour la piste ) la sécurité bien-sur passe par la maitrise de tous les points . le plaisir est au bout !! parfois, le drapeau à damier est pour vous, les autres sont loin .
    il à déjà marquer son époque …

  • BikePilot

    I can’t say I’m too fussed over it. The graphics scheme is really pretty dreadful to my eyes. The green monster logo really clashes with the otherwise straight, clean likes that are typical of Yamaha. I also don’t really get the aesthetic principle that makes purely cosmetic replicas popular – seems like yelling hey look at me, I’m a fake!

  • declan88

    Anyone tried the BT016s on their R1?

    I find them f’kin dreadful compared to the 014s which were sticky, warmed quickly, scrubbed in quikcly from new and were well planted round motorway/ autobahns at any angle and any speed. The 016s on the other hand are veeeery jittery on the same suspension settings, and slide with even a little too much breaking even in only mild damp. F’kin crap. Going back to to the 014s if at all poss after I’ve blistered the tread of these slippy rags. I was out on advanced course and the things slide 5 m at some red ligthts (straight line stop, not too heavy braking) and stepped out on a narrow country lane (admiteddly peeing down rain) and deposited me in a hedge. I may as well had a scooter at the rate I could go. Is the 016 an 021 in the middle, and and stickier things at the edges. (I tried an 021 once on the back. Never again. It was terrifying – no feeling of grip at all).