The street going version of the the BMW S 1000RR made a surprise visit during the Jerez MotoGP this past weekend, and luckily someone took some pictures of it. The new superbike was being used as the race safety bike for the GP races. These photos come about a week before the official unveiling of the BMW S1000RR at Monza’s World Superbike round, May 8th -10th, where we hope to finally see the bike in its full street form, although these photos are pretty close to showing us that. Continue reading for the photos, and more details.

The photos reveal more about the bike than the spy shots we showed you earlier this year, and leave certain questions remaining. A quick look at the front, and no headlight can be found. Yet, under vinyl wrap, we see protrusions which we are lead to believe are the headlight casings. If this is the case, then its looks like BMW has another asymetrical design up its sleeve. Or could it simply be smoke and mirrors to throw us off the scent of the bike’s final shape?

MCN is reporting that the new BMW is making 182hp at the crank, and has a dry weight of 189kg (417lbs), which is a lower power-to-weight figure than what Honda and Suzuki are boasting. BMW has been determined to make the S1000RR compete with the Japanese 4 on both price and performance. The BMW does however have a four-mode ABS system that riders can tailor to their preference and conditions. The controls for this can be seen on the clutch-side handlebar.

See you next week for the unveiling at Monza, where hopefully all our questions will be answered.

Source: Solomoto