Zero Motorcycles Amassing a War Chest of Money

08/05/2010 @ 6:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Zero Motorcycles has secured a $900,000 grant from the California Energy Commission for the company to begin development of a new advanced compact electric powertrain. The city of Santa Cruz is matching the grant with an additional $900,000; and with other contributions, Zero has raised a total of $1.84 million dollars. This figure would seem to be in addition to the $5.5 million the company raised earlier in the year. The powertrain Zero is developing is rumored to have multiple speeds, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was water-cooled.

“We are honored to receive this generous grant from the California Energy Commission and excited to develop this next generation powertrain technology in Santa Cruz,” said Zero Motorcycles CEO Gene Banman. “This is a milestone for us because it allows Zero to control the development of its entire powertrain just like legacy motorcycle manufacturers who build their own engines and transmissions. In addition, Zero’s advancements in compact electric powertrains will benefit the powersports industry through the sales and licensing of the technology.”

Zero currently uses air-cooled brushed permanent magnet Agni Motors in its 2010 product line-up, and is the largest buyer of the Indian-made/UK-based motors.

Source: Zero Motorcycles

  • Just the idea of electric and at the same time powerful motorcycle sounds great and futuristic.

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  • aptimus prime

    Who is the best electric motorcycle manufacturer? Who has the best lobbyists?

  • So, enough already. When is a useable 70mph street version of the Zero going to be available?
    I read about all the research and development grants and glad to see improvements moving forward, but when do we get to enjoy the practical application of all this effort?
    I am so looking forward to that big grin that comes with feeling that wind in my face. :-)

  • Jim Ruddy

    Waiting for a 4 hr / 100 mile off-roader…

  • I assume the next power-plant will be brush-less and utilize lithium-polymer batteries. The speeds and run times will be great if they can figure out a way to produce them & still be affordable. I can’t wait! Hurry up ZERO :)

  • Lance Seaber

    I am so very happy to here Scott Harden has signed on as marketing director, i have been riding dirt bikes for 40 years and love motorcycles. The thought of electric dirt bikes that can go the distance that gasoline motors can will change our sport .Go Zero motorcycles and Scott Harden for i have owed Husqvarna’s and ktm and look forward to a Zero that can go the distance. Your the man Scott you can make this happen,you did it with ktm you can do it with Zero motorcycles.P.S. I want to be able to off road ride and not be told i can ride here any more . Yours truly a commeted off roader ,Lance

  • Lance Seaber

    Go for it Scott Harden your the man and i am looking forward to a 100 mile 4 hour machine, We need this to change our sport so we can continue to enjoy our sport for years to come, thank you Scott Harden and Zero motorcycles. Yours truly a commited off roader for ever Lance Seaber