Who is the Best Mechanic for Your Yamaha?

12/28/2012 @ 5:10 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

For the past five years, Yamaha has held a competition among the 30,000 or so graduates of its Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA). Hosting regional competitions first, 28 of the top mechanics from 20 nations come to Yamaha Motor’s headquarters in Iwata, Japan for a final competition to see who is the best Yamaha mechanic in the world.

With two classes to compete in (sport & commuter/business), the first part of the competition consists of a written exam, which includes questions that extend beyond just mechanical theory, and into current industry and customer trends.

Getting their hands dirty as well, mechanics have to perform typical maintenance tasks, as well as troubleshoot a broken motorcycle, which culminates with the competitor handing the bike over to a judge and explaining the work done as they would to a customer who is receiving back their worked-0n machine.

Putting together a short video on the 2012 Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix, we get a glimpse of this program from Yamaha, as well as the story behind Le Truong Qui Tu of Vietnam, who won the Commuter/Business Model Class (Thorsten Brand of Germany won the Sport Model Class).

Wondering how our local boys rated? Mark William Sagers (South Valley Motorsports in Draper, Utah) finished 2nd in the Sport class, while Eric John Romanowicz (Mondus Motorsports in Hudson, Wisconsin) tied for third with France’s Damien Vincent.

Source: Yamaha Global & Yamaha Motors

  • Great story. I really enjoyed that. :)

  • I didn’t know they did that. Awesome… Congrats. to both our boys.

  • Gutterslob

    …and here I thought you were going to give us Jeremy Burgess telehone number.

    No surprise that a Vietnamese chap won the commuter class. The amount of moto-wizardry in Vietnam is unreal. Those blokes can fix a 30 year old misfiring moped with a pair of chopsticks. I kid you not.

  • nakdgrl

    I think I fell asleep half way thru. How did it end?

  • Paulo

    Very cool…..Great story!!!

  • Andres

    Awesome story… how much do mechanics make?

  • ^Put it this way, In Asia a mechanic’s salary is NOT awesome.

  • meatspin

    i think I actually passed by this guys shop when I visited ho chi minh. I’m not surprised he won. He probably goes through and services a dozen bikes a day. Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule comes to mind and it definitely come into play. A 2 wheel motorized city like that can make you level up your skills really quick.

  • MikeD


    Unless you are and old dog, and know most of the tricks of the trade, have PLENTY of the proper tools AND work for a CLEAN, WELL KEPT shop WITH LOTS OF FLOW [costumers] .

    A motorcycle mechanic (excuse me, technician) DON’T make ENOUGH to live properly…and pay Motorcycle Tech school loans at the same time…specially when u don’t get pay by the hour but rather for what you can acomplish, wich sounds very rigtheous and fair to the “un-educated/un-experienced” ear but in reality it has you living pinching pennies and checking your bank account online constantly to not go negative balance.

    All of the above is just my personal experience/opinion, it may vary from Tech to Tech.

  • MikeD


    Don’t let the glorified and glamorous fake facade often portrait of the tech working a shiny new bike on a well kept, clean shop fool you. Is not like that at all…and their salaries are even more “fake”.

  • Doctor Jelly


    It depends where you work, who you work for, how they are paying you (hourly, salary, flat-rate), what you’re working on, how competent you are, etc. etc. Personaly I do ok for being reletively fresh out of school, but many of my friends did not fare nearly as well… I have a site bookmarked on my home computer that lists average incomes of various professions, and I think it listed the average bike tech bringing in around 30k-40k give or take (for US jobs). A far cry from how much a shop will typically charge the customer for the tech’s time…

  • Hellas

    @Doctor Jelly: most of sites that lists averages incomes not really truly the fact on field. If I’m not wrong most bike technician in Asia get paid far less than $1000 / month ($500 average) depend on their skills and experience.

  • Archer

    Personally, I think a good mechanic who is honest, smart and knows how to troubleshoot is worth his weight in platinum. – the Yamaha shop the second place Sport category winner works at is local to me, but all my bikes are Hondas.

    @Hellas, not all of Asia- motorcycle techs in Japan earn a fair wage.