More Photos of How Yamaha Blu Itself

09/17/2012 @ 2:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Debuted at the San Marino GP, Yamaha’s new Race-Blu livery is set to black & blue the European market when it hits dealers this October (December for the R125). While we still get the tasty Graves Yamaha inspired Team Yamaha Blue/White, you might be longing for the matte grey and vivid primary blue color scheme that Jorge Lorenzo rode to victory at Misano this past weekend.

Coming to the 2013 Yamaha YZF-R1, 2013 Yamaha YZF-R6, & 2013 Yamaha YZF-R125, the Race-Blu livery is very fetching, so it is a bit of a shame that we won’t be seeing it here in the USA. Maybe if we Americans hold our breath until we go blue in the face, Yamaha USA may consider it as a mid-model year option (not likely).

Don’t feel blue though, we can still live vicariously through our European brethren. More photos of how Yamaha Blu itself after the jump. There’s gotta be a better way to say that.

2013 Yamaha YZF-R1 Race-Blu:

2013 Yamaha YZF-R6 Race-Blu:

2013 Yamaha YZF-R125 Race-Blu:

Source: Yamaha Europe

  • My God thats Ugly!

  • Heathen.

  • Jimmy Smith JR

    Looks like they forgot to paint half of it.

    But seriously it doesn’t look all that different from the 2007 (yawn) R1 paint scheme.

  • The photos in the static shots are color correct, being how this blue appears under fluorescent light. The action shots show how different it looks under sunlight, significantly lighter and less purple.

    It would looks so much better if they used a dark black, like the frame, instead of that matte grayish black.

  • 2ndclass

    The Graves paint job looks brilliant, but I’m afraid this is just horrible.

  • Ben

    A total livery BLUnder.

    The wheels especially, looked awful.

  • smiler

    Yamahaha are driven to bigging up their new paint colour, not even the paint scheme. How sad is that.

  • I, for one, think that YZF-R125 looks awesome. To the point that I wouldn’t even be embarrassed to be found on one.

  • smiler

    Except the RSV 125 looks much better…..!

  • Westward

    I like it…

    Especially the liveries at Misano. What is missing in the production bikes are a little more accents of white. Personally I would consider the R6 But what I would really like to see, is a Yamaha 250 or 300…

  • sideswipe

    Looks crap to my eyes. That paint scheme even makes the gorgeous lines of the M1 look dull. Better off if they would have the street bikes mimic the livery of the regular Blue/White M1 factory livery rather than vice versa

  • David

    Yeah but isn’t that SPECIAL UNOBTANIUM paint designed to reduce wind resistance and increase top speed and acceleration which makes the new bike better than all previous versions ?

    I think so.

  • @smiler: “Except the RSV 125 looks much better…..!”

    Yes, agreed. And the Aprilia looks to have much better hardware, too. Cite: front forks.