Yamaha FZ8/Fazer 8 Coming to Canada – USA Next?

06/11/2010 @ 7:57 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Yamaha Canada has just announced that the 2011 Yamaha FZ8 and 2011 Yamaha Fazer 8 street bikes will be available in the Canadian market. Perhaps as a disappointment for some, both models of the new street-naked will come without the option for ABS.

Presumably the Canadian market has now cleared out its back-stock of Yamaha FZ6’s, which the 8-series has been replacing in European markets, and can now begin to offer the new middleweight.

With Canada getting the 8’s in its line-up, all eyes are now on the Yamaha USA to see if/when they’ll bring the bike to the US market. When they do, we can probably look forward to some great commercials, like these gems from the European campaign (that’s sarcasm for those keeping score). Check them out after the jump…did we mention they’re really bad?

Source: Yamaha Canada

  • Doctor Jelly

    I have more of an urge to buy glow sticks and swing them around than interest in the bike now…

  • Asphalt & Rubber (Ms. Gun in particular)

    Those are not commercials, they are promo tape for flagship dealerships and trade show backgrounds. If you had ever been to a real global trade event like EICMA or Intermot, then perhaps you would have known that.

  • Commercial…promo tape…it’s still marketing, and at an event like a trade show, B2B marketing should take a page out of the B2C book.

    Yes, we’ve been to EICMA. If I close my eyes, I can see it now. Lights strobing, techno music blaring, maybe a couple of booth babes draped over models from last year, and a bike with a big sheet over it center-stage.

    Call it what you will but this is what’s being passed-off as a best practice at the industry’s only real chance to interact in-person with customers and dealers.

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  • MTS Lust

    Although I love sport standards, this is one I’m completely unexcited about. What’s the point of a sleeved down FZ1? If it had a big weight advantage that could be a reason for its existence, but from the reports I’ve seen the weight is the same as the big FZ so what’s the point?

  • Jesse

    Oontz oontz oontz. If nothing else this will motivate others to attempt some more middle-weight nekkids. Problem is that US folks are too insecure to buy bikes that look like they belong on the street instead of the track, regardless of how rideable and practical you make them.

  • Jobie

    GROWL……WTH? It would be nice to actually HEAR the bike, lol. Substitute for brains???? What ever. Nice bike though.

  • Josh

    Yamaha is really barking up the wrong tree with this. Unless it is dramatically cheaper than the FZ1 its going to be a flop in the US.

    Yamaha had the perfect opportunity to make something really special. Consider, they could have made an FZ1.2 with a cross-plane motor stroked to 1200cc. Offer a limited edition model with ohlins suspension bits and some pretty carbon bits, charge extra for it and they’d be able to enter the high end sport-standard market which I think is just taking off. They’d steal sales from the VFR1200R from ST riders who want something less bland, they’d steal sales from the MTS1200 from ST riders who don’t need the long-travel suspension, but want some excitement. Probably wouldn’t hurt sales of their own FJ1300 much as the weight and focus would be very different.