Despite signs that the economy seems to be bottoming out, UK-based wheel manufacturer Dymag Racing UK, Ltd has entered into bankruptcy. What appears to be beyond just a mere restructuring, the company’s assets are being auctioned-off, placing doubts as to whether the manufacturer will continue making wheel products after the bankruptcy process concludes.

Dymag’s history dates back to the 1970’s, where it was the world’s first producer of magnesium motorcycle racing wheels. Since then, the company has branched into the composite wheel segment, providing wheel solutions to the likes of Formula 1 and WRC, in addition to a bevy of motorcycle teams.

Now finding itself at the wrong end of its creditors, Dymag finds an assortment of the company’s industrial equipment up for auction, such as its CNC turning and machining centers, general toolroom machinery, and powder coating and ink manufacturing equipment.

If you’re interested in getting some equipment to run your own magnesium wheel manufacturing company, you can bid on the industrial equipment here.

Source: The Kneeslider

  • Matthew

    The real question is can now I get a set of wheels on the cheap?

  • Wheel Manufacturer Dymag Racing Enters into Bankruptcy

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  • Wheel Manufacturer Dymag Racing Enters into Bankruptcy

  • the carbon wheel range will be back soon.

  • Chris

    Dymag’s motorcycle and car magnesium, aluminium wheel IP, tooling and inventory assets have been bought by CSA Ventures in Singapore. The carbon wheel assets are not included. CSA will make an announcement shortly on the relaunch of the motorcycle wheel business initially focused on Classic 3 Spoke Motorcycle Racing market. We will be selling these wheels online and through selected dealers. Enquiries to Chris

  • zezinho

    So what happens with the carbon fiber wheels, esp the ones for cars? Anyone giving continuity to that?

  • can purchase a set of Dymag wheels still ?