Watch a Life-Sized Britten V1000 Get Made from Legos

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I will literally publish any story that has to do with motorcycles and Legos, such is my love for the little Danish blocks that marked my childhood. But, I think this is a story that should have some universal appeal to the A&R readership.

After all, who doesn’t want to watch a Britten V1000 – one of the most-iconic motorcycles ever – get reproduced in a full-sized replica made from Legos? 

The build comes from The Brickman, which was commissioned to do the model for toy store in New Zealand, and the work is pretty phenomenal – hundreds of hours went into the work.

Though, it will only take you less than a minute to watch it all come together. Leave in the comments your best guess on how many bricks were used. Enjoy!

Source: The Brickman

Jensen Beeler

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