Our friends at MotoBlog.it continue to have the inside track on the recently debuted Vyrus 986 M2 that was unveiled at the Verona Bike Show this past weekend. The Italian boutique manufacturer confirmed that it wanted to offer the Vyrus 986 M2 to teams competing in the Moto2 World Championship, and hinted that a production version could come father down the line, later revealing that we could expect to see a street bike as early as Sepetember of this year.

Now getting a chance to talk to Ascanio Rodorigo, MotoBlog.it has revealed that Vyrus 986 M2 will come in different variations, a Moto2-ready race bike (Factory), a street bike (SL Replica), and a do-it-yourself self kit (Replica Kit), which sees a rider buying just the rolling chassis and having to source their own motor. There’s a price point for everyone in this launch, as the Factory will cost €55,000, the SL Replica €25,000, and the Replica Kit rounding out things at €16,900.

While €55,000 is a lot of money, the Vyrus 986 M2 is easily the cheapest Moto2 package being offered for 2011. The wildly popular and affordable Suter machines hit the pocketbook for €70,000, making Vyrus over 33% cheaper cost-wise. Of course for Moto2 teams the concern for any bike centers around competitiveness, as the 2010 season has already shown that choosing the wrong racing platform, can relegate talented riders to the middle of the pack.

Teams will also be judging their purchases on factory technical support and development for the 2011 season. Vyrus has been pretty mum on these items, and without a strong racing background it’s going to be a tough sale to any race team. Horsepower is expected to be 136hp, with the bike tipping the scales at 135kg (that’s 297 lbs!).

At €25,000 though, the Vryus 986 M2 SL Replica becomes a very attractive street bike, and this is where we suspect the Italian firm is really expecting to make its money. We’ll sidestep the obvious issues of selling a production replica of a prototype bike, what that does for Moto2 entry, and whether or not this is all seems like an elaborate plan to get some buzz for a new product…at €25,000 Vyrus is making a serious bid for the Ducati-buyer who is looking for something unique in his or her garage.

We’ve been drooling over this bike since Saturday, you’ve been drooling over this bike since Saturday, and at just shy of $40,000 that’s probably just as close as we all will get to owning a Vyrus 986 M2 SL Replica.

That’s ok though, because Vryus has a 986 M2 on a budget, or “the blogger version” as we like to think of it. Costing €16,900 without VAT, the Vyrus 986 M2 Replica Kit is basically a bike without a motor. Buyers would recieve the rolling chassis, and then have to source their own power plant, making the tuning possibilities endless, and likely saving you a more than a few thousand dollars in the process. You won’t have to limit yourself to just a Honda CBR600RR motor either, as Vryus has plans to make a version that will accept a Yamaha R6 lump in the future.

Source: MotoBlog.it

  • Doctor Jelly

    If they can pull through and offer a road legal chassis that can accept the Honda or Yama motor at that price, this will go straight to the top of my ‘somewhat within the realm of reason’ wish list!

  • Ducman1198

    Nice bike but it really amazes me how they think that the road riding public can afford € 25 000.00 = $33,990.00 U.S. dollars for a 600cc sportbike! With a global recession still going strong, unemployment at an all time high and major factories like Yamaha and Kawasaki loosing money and scaling back what makes this bike recession proof or so good that Joe public will spend that kind of money for it?

    Its like € 25 000.00 is a and great deal and is comparable to a $8500.00 R6 or $13,700.00 for a 2011 ZX10R.

    Even Ducati and MV Agusta have adapted to the lack of expendable funds from the public. The relatively inexpensive monster is Ducati’s answer at $11,900.00 or less and MV’s new inexpensive F3, not to mention Kawasaki’s top selling bike is the Ninja 250 at $3900.00.

    Personally i thinks is going to be a flop unless the racing community embraces it and they sell a lot of units and parts (seriously doubt it!). But if i had $33,990.00 to spend on a bike or bikes, i wouldn’t drop that kind of cash on a 600 no matter how innovative or cool it looks unless i was wealthy!

    I could buy a 2011 Ducati 1198S and a 2011 Yamaha R6 and still have a bit of cash left over for upgrades!

    € 25 000.00 for a 600cc sportbike is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  • froryde

    @ Ducman1198 – I don’t think they are aiming for Joe public nor someone who doesn’t have $33,990 to spend on bikes…

  • damo


    I mean you can go out right now and own an RSV4 Factory for $20k USD and still have a unique and fast bike.

    Not to mention due to the recession, the used market is very attractive right now. I just scored a 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille for $3,500.

    Right now you can get a unique AND fast bike for pennies if you know where to look.

    @froryde – I think ducman was saying that he doubts even the most foolhardy spenders would waste cash on this machine. I would agree, this is very, very niche.

  • IllN

    I agree with @froyde. This is a very limited production niche bike. There is no economic justification for it, nor should there be. Bench racing against the 1198R, RSV4, S1000RR, et al is pointless. As a street bike, it’s an interesting and unique toy for the few people who will be able to afford it. And I think most buyers will already have one or more of its “competitors” in their heated, multi-car garages.

    Personally, I think it’s the sexiest thing on two wheels, ultimate performance be damned.

  • 76

    How much was the first flatscreen TV? I think they were coming in around $12,000
    (The one you didnt buy)

    How much are they now? Umm the same one but better around $1000
    (The one I can almost guarantee you have in your house now)

    Thats in what 7 or 8 years (no I dont want to hear it about how its different)

    This is the first of a big change, yes it will be expensive, if its successful and competitive you bet your ass others will follow. Now 6 to 8 years from now and Honda, Yam, Kawa all making 600’s based off this how much will they be?

  • ML

    I’m depressed because I checked my wallet and didn’t have that kind of money for a bike. =(

  • Sean in Oz

    76: These are never going to get cheaper, they are specifically aimed at those with overflowing wallets and a need for attention.

    BTW Nobody believes this bike will ever race in Moto2 so clearly it is NOT the cheapest Moto2 option, there are plenty of much cheaper chassis that also are never going race Moto2.