First Video of the Ducati Diavel

11/01/2010 @ 1:19 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

Want to see how the Ducati Diavel‘s 240mm wide rear-wheel handles the tarmac? The Bologna company has a video for that. With it we get a better idea of what the Diavel will look like in motion, along with a glimpse at the bike’s other features (keep an eye out for the secondary dash).

While there is parts of the bike that we are still coming to terms with, there is certainly aspects of the Diavel that come across as pure genius, one of which has to be the signal integration into the bodywork.

After looking at the Diavel, every other bike on the planet looks out of date with its black plastic Christmas tree hanging off the tail section, and boring orange marker lights up front. You’ll know the scene we’re talking about when you see it, after the jump.

Source: Ducati

  • Lincoln

    Yes, yes I know its a power cruiser, but it looks a bit lumbering to me.

  • Ken C.

    It’s hard to make a power cruiser look like it’s really exciting to ride. This video is no exception.

  • I don’t know about this thing… I’m trying to like any part of it but I cant.

    The vid doesn’t help.

  • Paul M.

    Not really my thing, but I like it! Way better styling than the V-Rod, and it’s got to be a much better handling/performing bike. Would still rather have a Monster or Hyper, though.

  • irksome

    An uninspiring video for a bike that looks like a warthog dry-humping a wildebeest.

    KenC.-> I beg to differ:

  • Sjeivehoof

    Oke, this one has done it for me!
    First they abandon WSBK, then they give Rossi a way to big paycheck, and know there building a damn ugly powercruiser…WTF ?

  • It’s not that bad looking but it looks awfully heavy. By the way, don’t the marketing folks know we want to hear the “natural” soundtrack??

  • Ades

    It’s pretty clear by how far the rider is hanging off that it’s a pig to turn. Watch@ 1.08 how wide it pushes under power and how far the rider has to lean off the bike to have it stay on the road.

    It will appeal to the elder 40+ demographic I would think, and that rear tyre will possibly be the cause of a few insurance claims and trips to hospital.

    In that sense, it’s a true cruiser.

  • gnmac

    I went hog wild seeing this video…but then of course this thing is a hog. Son of a bi…

  • Freedoom

    This is the worst piece of crap Ducati has made since their last cruiser, the 650 Indiana. At least they made a video as worthless as the bike so their marketing is in sync. Now if I can just find out where to get my official Ducati Pirate clothes.

  • A modern V-Twin Cruiser that has serious power, runs smoothly and quietly, stops, turns, and handles poor road conditions safely? And looks sexy in the process. What’s not to like? This bike could kill Harley-Davidson (We hope) if Bologna could build enough of them, which they can’t. Better get your deposit in now. I own and love their new Multistrada 1200, Superbike 1198R, Hypermoto S.

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  • JD

    Wonder if you put a 190 rear ? get rid of the ridiculous rear Wheel & Tire it will work better in corners…

  • Brilliant!!!! A ducati made purely for Americans. No way that thing sells in most of Europe. Too big, too loud, and too powerful for their streets and laws. What I love most about this bike is that it looks like a completely different bike from all angles!! Rear, front, exhaust side profile, chain side profile, 3/4. Cruiser, sportbike, custom bike, touring etc… I will put a deposit on one as soon as I am able to. Aftermarket accessories are going to be off the chain (exhaust, chrome bits, part covers). 162 HP (prolly 170HP with good exhaust) and under 500 lbs with a 40% lean angle! Bye bye vmax, vrod, and rocket III!!!!

  • hoyt

    Naysayers should keep the geometry of a cruiser & its overall purpose in mind. Inherently, the bike will be slower to turn, regardless of a 240 or 190. However, relative to its competition, this bike seems to have the weight and chassis to leave the others behind, if the rider is inclined to have more fun on certain roads.

    HD & all of its copycats & parallels (Victory) are missing the opportunity to create a new bike & pickup new buyers. The lack of any considerable passenger accommodations on a cruiser is very puzzling.

  • MikeD

    One Video is Worth 1000 Pictures… I hope it makes a sizeable dent on VROD Muscle and VMAX Sales so Yamaha and H-D take notice and keep improving the BREED.
    Specially u Yamaha…lay off the bacon and eggs and start munching Special K.

  • Steve Lang

    They should have named it Pigly Wigly. What market share are they after? I would not be caught dead on that thing. Times are too tough to make such a mistake as this. I guess they didn’t learn from the 999. Too bad.

  • Augustus

    I like it just fine, and I’m in the demographic that can both appreciate it and afford it. For us manly-sized men (I’m 6’3″ 230 lbs), most Ducs are a bit cramped, this one looks to have a bit more room. As for it not being popular in Europe, I remember how the original VMax caught on there despite being “too big and too loud” and aimed at the US market. Plus, as mentioned, maybe it’ll prompt Yamaha to shave a bit of weight and some of the ugly off the 2nd Gen Vmax.

    I don’t think I’d have one for my primary ride, but for a second bike…