US Motorcycle Sales up 7% in Q1 2011

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The Motorcycle Industry Council is reporting that US motorcycle sales are up 7% in Q1 of 2011, with 102,547 units being sold in the year’s first three months. Leading the charge were scooter sales, which were up nearly 50% to 6,246 units, while on-road units were up as well, pushing 70,879 units in Q1 (a 6.9% gain).

Despite the strong numbers from on-road and dual-sport models, off-road vehicles did not fare as well, with ATV sales down 16% and off-road motorcycle sales down 5.5% (47,702 & 18,725 units respectively), making 2011 still a mixed bag depending on what side of the industry you are on.

Overall the industry is noticeably rebounding to some degree from the recession, but is still down compared to the 2009 levels. Before the bad got worse, the motorcycle industry sold 120,794 units in Q1 of 2010. This quarter’s increase in sales accounts for about 30% of the difference between last year’s and 2009’s numbers, meaning we have a ways to go before the motorcycle industry is back at full-strength.

On the brightside though, March’s numbers showed that the growth is ramping up, with US motorcycle sales up 11% over those from March 2010.

Source: MIC via