Ural Sidecars Used in Opening Ceremony for Sochi Olympics

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Proud of the opportunity to host the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia showed its accomplishments to the world during the opening ceremony on Friday by showing off its culture, traditions, and highlights of its post-World War II industrial economy.

As part of those highlights, a procession of twenty bright red Ural sidecars rolled across the ice at Fisht Olympic Stadium, as three billion people looked on via television.

Ecstatic at the opportunity to display these unique motorcycles to such a large international audience, President and CEO of Ural IMZ Ilya Khait commented, “I feel very proud, really, when you see your bikes in the event like this, you realize you’re a part of the history and the heritage of a huge country. And it gives you more reasons to keep going.”

And if half of the world watching was not a good enough reason to keep going, Khait would be given another reason as event organizers decided to purchase all 20 of the motorcycles used for the opening ceremony.

“From the business stand point, to be seen by three billion people all over the world and get paid for it, that’s one hell of a product placement” said Khait.

All of this exposure cannot be bad for business and comes just in time for Ural to kick off its US tour this month starting in Salem, OR on February 8th, and ending in Fort Collins, CO on April 5th.