Half of Ural Motorcycles Sold in 2013 Came to America

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Ural Motorcycles has posted its sales figures for 2013, and 95% (1,151 units) of the company’s 1,206 motorcycles built were exported outside of Russia. Given Ural’s cult status here in the United States, it is perhaps not surprising that half of Ural’s total output came to the United States, with American dealers selling 604 units in 2013.

Making both two and three-wheel bikes, Ural is best known for its sidecar platform, which accounts for 98% of the company’s total sales. One of the few makers of a two-wheel drive sidecar, Ural’s 2WD models account for over 70% of the Urals sold in the United States. After the USA, Ural’s largest markets are Germany, France, Canada, and Australia — in that order.

For 2014, Ural has made a series of improvements to its line, with modest power increases to its 749cc boxer engine being the key highlight. The 2014 Urals will also come with disc brakes on all three wheels, a hydraulic steering damper, and better fuel hoses, breathers, and reservoirs. Ural has also updated its dashboard layout, as well as other minor changes.

MSRP pricing for the 2014 Ural Motorcycles line is as follows: 2014 Ural Gear-Up: $15,999; 2014 Ural Patrol: $15,399 (one-tone) & $15,599 (two-tone); 2014 Ural T: $12,399.

Source: Ural