Troy Bayliss Teases Ducati Announcement

09/16/2011 @ 2:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

This Friday is looking to be full of videos and teasers, as Ducati has its own announcement that will be coming forthwith on Wednesday next week. Enlisting the help of three-time World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss, the Australian motorcycle racer teased on YouTube today that he’s seen some interesting things at the Ducati factory, with promises of more to be revealed on the company’s video channel in the coming days. What those interesting things could be however is up for speculation.

Given the fact that Bayliss has been part of the Ducati Superbike 1199‘s development, it’s possible that the Italian company is now about to start teasing its flagship motorcycle in earnest, as it gears up for the 1199’s EICMA launch in November. Of course considering that Ducati enlisted Nicky Hayden to help hock the recently launched Ducati Streetfighter 848, it’s possible that Bayliss could be referring to another bike in development, namely the Streetfighter 1198┬áthat our sources said would debut in September as well. Stay tuned, time will tell on this one.

Source: Ducati (YouTube)

  • Damo

    It could never happen, because the world is not awesome enough, but what if the WSBK team for next year was Checa and Bayliss?

    In all seriousness the man quit too early, but I doubt I would have kept racing if I was down a testicle and a pinky finger. The dude is as hardcore as they come.

  • chesster

    There isnt going to be a Streetfighter 1198 atleast not for 2012. So thats not what they are pushing at with this one. Its most likely for the superbike

  • What’s the bet that he will be announcing the return of the SuperSport. The new SuperSport will be powered by a revised vesion of the air cooled 2 valve 1100cc motor fitted in the hypermotard. The revised engine is being coupled with a chasis similar in specification to the current 848. The new SuperSport will appeal to riders who value light weight, handling, low down torque and elegant simplicity rather than top end horsepower.

    The bikes excellent handling and the low cost maintenance will favor riders who want a fun track day bike and and enjoy weekend canyon carving, but also require a bike they can use as a daily rider.

    A feature of the bike is that is the absence of electronic wizardry, No rider selectable engine modes, no traction control, no electronic suspension control, etc. One exception to this is that even the Base model 1100 SS will be equipped with ABS.

    Instead of offering an ‘S’ model designated performance option as has become the norm, Ducati will be also release a P.E. derivative. At first I thought that P.E. was a designation that somehow harks back to the 900 SS F.E. However we have been informed by an inside source who did not want to be named, Marchio Fabricatio, that P.E. Is a new Ducati designation meaning Pure Essence. when asked what enhancements the Pure Essence model would feature over the base model, Marchio Fabicato refused to elaborate. But when we threatened him with a lift back to the airport on the back of our shop scooter he did mutter something about Ohlins.

    …..Oops sorry I have just remembered why I shouldn’t eat those funny mushrooms.

  • @ fastbikegear: don’t bogart those ‘shrooms, dude!

  • hoyt

    that would be a great bike mushroom man. what type of styling did you see through the laughter?