After a long absence, Triumph North America has once again joined the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, after being absent from the American event for several. Looking to come out of the gates in strong form, Triumph is showing its largest collection of motorcycles ever in the company’s 109 year history. With 23 models spanning six motorcycle families, Triumph will make its 2011 American debut at Long Beach this weekend.

With the Tiger 800, Tiger 800 XC, Daytona 675R, and Speed Triple being the crowning jewels of Triumph’s new model line-up, Triumph’s North American subsidiary will also be introducing its new CEO Greg Heichelbech.

Heichelbech is no stranger to the motorcycle industry, working until recently for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company since 1990. Holding a variety of D-level executive positions at Harley-Davidson (Director of Dealer Development and Retail Environment Group, Director of Strategic Sales and Marketing, and Director of Field Operations), Heichelbech was also a veteran of the Buell campaign, working as the Director of Platform Marketing for Buell American Motorcycles.

With Triumph set to release a bevy of new models in the next couple of years, we imagine Heichelbech’s marching orders are to take the brand into more dealers, and increase the overall exposure of Triumph in North America…and maybe sell a few units along the way as well.

Source: Triumph North America

  • Willie

    I worked for a several years with a German who was something of a legendary sales manager in the motorcycle world having made his mark in the early days establishing Japanese and then a German brand. The same ones that now dominate the business. He had one motto for success.

    “Make the dealers money.”

    The dealer; not the engineers, not the big name racers, not the sponsors, not the execs, (surely not the stockholders), not the factory employees, not the media twits, but THE DEALER, is the key to success in this business. The dealer is the barometer and the gauge of how well all the other elements are performing.

    History is littered with moto brands gone because they shorted that critical nexus. More will follow. Bet you can even name a few on the edge.

    Good luck Herr Heichelbeck. And see to it you “Make the dealers money”.

  • Bruce

    Well where were they at San Mateo? For years we have been missing them and they blow off all of Northern California. Nice planning guys, you didn’t make any friends up here by skipping us and attending the rest of the shows. We demand equal treatment and you are henceforth requested to schedule a special showing of your product in the north

  • Steve

    Triumph is building some nice stuff and they did a good job at the LB show with lots of energy and heads up display of the product. They are starting to see a market segment few others have yet to recognize (Heritage) and their best days are ahead of them. That being said….too bad about the Norton. Three years, lots and lots of orders, deposits taken and not a bike on the street or delivered I don’t care how much I love it, give me my money back. How disappointing.