An Exercise In Pure Fantacy – Concept Drawings

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The winter weather must be affecting A&R headquarters because today’s articles are all revolving around us day-dreaming of bikes we can’t afford and bikes that will never be produced. This post is an exercise in the latter category. Dario Caroselli has taken pen to paper and inked a few concept sketches for Triumph and Kawasaki street bikes. In them we can see inspirations from KTM, Buell, Yamaha, and few other brands, but its done in a subtle and tasteful way. Unless you had to state at motorcycle pictures all day, you might not even notice. We still think its a great showing by the Italian designer, who doesn’t over Italianize (yes, that’s a word, and yes we just made it up) the styling of the bikes and keeps them in-line with what those companies have put forth as being quintessential Triumph and Kawasaki (respectively).