New Buyer for Moto Morini Emerges?

03/24/2011 @ 10:48 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

As Moto Morini marches closer to its April 13th auction date, a new potential buyer has come out of the woodwork for the troubled Italian company. Thomas Bleiner, an Austrian entrepreneur, has his eyes set on the Moto Morini facility with an interesting idea or two up his sleeve.

The proposal for the purchase is expected to be an interesting one, as Bleiner and his partner Gianni Farneda plan on making the dollar and cents of the deal work by installing a 1.1 megawatt photoelectric power system on the roof of the Bologna facility. Bleiner and Farneda have been heavily involved in the solar industry, developing a new photoelectric paint that uses nano technology.

Bleiner and his group believe they could have the factory up and running as early as June with at least eight employees returning to work. With the Granferro and Corsair lines seemingly to be ready to roll, Bleiner says the company could even make a November EICMA appearance. If this sounds a bit too good to be true, then perhaps it is, as Bleiner and his partners have yet to actually submit a bid to Moto Morini’s receiver, despite making the rounds to the Italian magazines and newspapers about their intent to purchase the brand.

The investor group seems keen on making its purchase before the April 13th auction date, saying that they want to avoid the speculation by bidders on the Moto Morini real estate. This is an interesting statement, since it seems that Bleiner and his group are primarily interested in the real estate, using it for their solar electricity production (presumably being sold to the Bologna community), while Moto Morini the motorcycle brand is a second priority.

It seems entirely possible that Beliner is using his car racing career and petrol-head interests in Moto Morini to drum up popular favor in his bid to purchase the company, casting a veil over his primary intention of instead working on photovoltaics at the facility. While of course any sort of production is perhaps better than no production, Moto Morini fans are likely hoping the company ends up in the hands of a group of investors who can make something of the Italian brand. As this does not seem to be the case, it only seems fair to call a spade a spade in this situation until more light can be cast on it.

Source: La Gazzetta SportivaIl Corriere di Bologna via

  • This is never going to happen. MM is dead in the Lambrusco, like Mondial, Midual, Voxan and many others because there is no business case. What is the market? Where is the distribution? What is the USP? In other words, why? This is a hollow brand and an empty factory.

    It may seem nice that many people like these motorcycles, but not enough people like them enough to buy them.

  • Shaitan

    @ Michael, you may be right there’s no market, but that doesn’t mean someone might not buy it and try. I for one would love to see an MM resurgence, even if unlikely.

  • Yup, right on point Michael. As I like to point out to people, there’s a reason a company like Moto Morini goes out of business…

    My spidey sense tells me we’ll see something about Voxan soon though.

  • Greg

    If they were sold in the US, I’d buy me one of those scramblers! Hint, hint, Ducati!

  • The challenge of a stand alone Morini is daunting but there are economies of scale. I visited the factory in 2006 and they had a very lean headcount. Every employee was trained to step in at any point in the assembly, so if their distribution and sales result in a profit then why not? Understandably, that model is much more difficult to sustain long-term than a larger company’s buying power & distribution.

    If nothing does come of Morini, they should be proud. I can’t think of a higher quality, comprehensively proprietary product on its scale in the modern era.

    Small batch has an appeal in several products.

  • MikeD

    I hope MM makes a comeback…and they get to be sold on the U.S.A THIS TIME…those Corsaros do look so damn good. Ducati Monster who ?

  • Terry Lemmons

    Trade union wont let it happen ,that is what killed this bike builder to start with.

  • Tom

    This looks more like an attempt by Bleiner to get some free advertisement for his own interests rather than any real intent on purchasing MM. Look for as the deadline approaches that the deal will fall through but he will gotten enough free pub that investors will come his way. Its brilliant.