What Evil Cometh from Yamaha?

05/30/2013 @ 3:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


Yamaha is gearing up to debut some models, this much we know. Both the US and European arms of the tuning fork brand have been in full marketing/PR swing lately, and today’s quick video teaser just confirms as much.

What exactly Yamaha is gearing up to promote though is a different story, however we do know that the Japanese brand sees three-cylinder engines as the way forward with its motorcycle designs.

Teasing today what appears to be an upright-sitting street bike, we can only assume that Yamaha has some sort of new naked or streetfighter machine it is readying for mass consumption.

With the video coming from Yamaha Europe though, one can guess as to whether this particular motorcycle will be a small-displacement machine, Europe-only model, or what exactly. Could it be the first three-cylinder machine from Yamaha? Time will tell, and we won’t have long to wait.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe (YouTube)

  • Faust

    What the hell did I just watch……. I just want to get a glimpse of the new stuff! If there is indeed a next gen R1 that is anything like the rumors, I will buy it.

  • Gleep

    the gear and setting makes me think it’s for a Supermotard but I don’t know jack about Japans bike scene so for all I know that’s what people wear on their scooters.

  • phil

    First three cylinder Yamaha,,,,what about the XS750,,,I know it was a heap of crap and Yamaha may want to forget…But I bought one and I still have nightmares about the blessead thing!!!!

  • Ronald Burgundy

    how were these bikes kept secret? It seems like anytime Ducati or BMW or KTM have new bikes coming down the pike there’s spy photos galore.

    So, 675-or-so cc three cylinder bikes are the future? Sounds good to me (litterally and figuratively)!

  • paulus – Thailand

    looks like it is aimed at teens… maybe a ‘Hello Kitty’ mini-bike LOL

  • TexusTim

    ok who was that aimed for ?

  • Deeds

    Here’s to hoping they’re replacing the Fz6 and Fz1. They’re definitely due for an update… or in this case, a complete makeover.

  • smiler

    There is just no bike from Honda, Yamahahaha or Suuzuki that I find interesting anymore. Given what you can buy from KTM, MV, Ducati, Harley, Buell, Triumph, BMW, Horex, and all the other non Japanese makers, Japanese bikes just look (as usual) either small iterations of old nags (R1, GSXR, R6, Blade) or copies of other manufacturers. The ZX10, 6 and ER 6 are the bright spots in a truly dull line up from the Japs.
    They are not even any more reliable anymore.

  • kww

    if it is interesting & sold in europe, don’t count on Yamaha USA to import it. most bland lineup in the states.

  • Really vague video. Apart from the upright stance of the rider, nothing comes to the fore.
    I really hope that YAMAHA launches their YZF-R6 in India soon. I will buy it that very moment :)
    That apart. This could be their new 3 cylinder motorcycle.
    Waiting for June 11th now to see the real deal.
    A 600cc triple would be great. If they launch both a naked & faired version, it would be better.

  • chris

    RD Series 350 CC – 3 cylinders

  • James

    3 cylinder street motorcycles, humm what does that sound like.

    Oh yeah Triumphs!

    The Triumphs win every 600 cc and 1000cc street bike test reviews again and again and they are becomeing more and more popular. The Street Triple is a bench mark road testers set other nakeds against. Yamaha have just take note and want to see some of that action.

  • Steve

    Aprilia RSV4 is now as cheap as an R1. It just won Motociclismo and several other multi-bike tests against the likes of the HP4 and the Panigale R…. and still no love? Wow. :)

  • sigsegv

    Motard-naked hybrid like the upcoming MV Rivale is my guess, fitted with the afore mentioned three-cylinder engine.

  • Jon Vandervelde

    ” Could it be the first three-cylinder machine from Yamaha? ”

    Yamaha had a three-cylinder bike in the 1980’s. The 850 special.

  • Growing up on Yammies, and spending the last decade on Triumph triples makes this all good in my book!

  • MikeD

    Gleep says:

    the gear and setting makes me think it’s for a Supermotard but I don’t know jack about Japans bike scene so for all I know that’s what people wear on their scooters.

    +1, may be a naked or a scooter too.


    LMAO. Don’t even go there. . . has everyone forgotten already what a BIG FRICKING DEAL Triumph made about their STINKIN Tiger 800 sisters or Yamaha with their reversed head 450 motocrosser and SuperTenere ? I sure do. (-_-)

  • Benevente Gomez

    I must say BS is BS! What is the point of a triple? Has everyone forgotten their engine repair classes from the 80’s. In-line blocks are always stronger than V-blocks, period. The reason, more main journals to support piston tortion. Second, a triple has 120 deg. between journals rotations is correct but these engines are FOUR STROKE. This means 240 deg. between engine firings. I mentioned the 1980’s because that’s when V-6’s became popular car engines. These crankshafts break because they are IMPOSSIBLE TO BALANCE and require the engineering of BALANCE SHAFTS. This means a lot of weird torque and another timing chain to keep the engine in balance and keep it from EXPLODING. Big displacement 2 cyl. engines won’t pass emissions (well) and their thumpy. But 3 cylinders will to get into the 1L territory w/ less parts cost than a four. And, since crossplane implies an even no. of cylinders, how do you build a crossplane 3 cylinder engine? Give me a 2 or four cylinder any day! Keep the three banger and keep paying your mechanic.