Texas Considering Allowing Lane Splitting

03/12/2009 @ 2:52 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Senator John Carona of Dallas, Texas has introduced Senate Bill 506 to the Texas State Senate that would allow motorcyclists to lane-split through traffic. This would make Texas the only other state besides California to allow lane-splitting.

The bill proposes some strict guidelines to balance the public safety and traffic flow advantages:

The operator and the passenger have to be wearing helmets. The operator has to operate the motorcycle not more than 5 miles-an-hour faster than the rest of traffic is going. Traffic can’t be going over 20 miles-an-hour and it can’t be done in a school crossing zone or somewhere where the speed limit is less than 20 miles-an-hour.

These regulations are more clear and precise than the California legislations which states that a motorcyclist must simply be riding prudently and safely (something that is often left to the discretion of the police officer). If you live and ride in Texas and have an opinion on this bill, now is the time to let your legislators know.

Source: The Kneeslidder; Photo: eschipul / Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

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  • I hope this passes! I’m planning to move to Austin in the future (from California) and I can’t imagine riding without lane splitting. I know that riders will lane split on MoPac when it is stopped and I would probably do so but I’d feel a lot better about doing it if it were legal.

    Most other countries in the world except and EXPECT lane splitting and their roads are often considerably tighter than ours. It’s time the US (the people even more so than the government) realizes that active support of any form of transportation that lessens pollution, congestion, etc, is important.

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  • Ed

    Join the Facebook cause trying to get this legal everywhere! http://apps.facebook.com/causes/113221?m=91e6b129

  • Done!

    If my moto friends aren’t total butt heads, the group should hit 1000 in the next few days. I invited about 50 people (I never send out invites except for Scrabble) and they should bring in the remaining.

  • ben

    I agree. Lane splitting should be legal. Not just here but everywhere. I havn’t ridden a motorcycle in over 25 years so have no current vested interest. But I totally understand the desire.
    Motorcycle engines are hot and need air flow to keep the bike and the biker cool. Sitting in traffic does not make sense if there is room to move between cars. Lane splitting helps keep traffic flowing. This makes it better for everyone.
    A bike is quick and agile and can quickly give a car much more room by just getting up and out of the way.
    Bikers are safer between two lanes of cars than when in front / behind. They are less likely to get rear-ended sitting in the middle of two lanes.

  • Tony Green

    It did not pass according to the Department of Public Safety.

  • BRose

    I’ve been riding on the steet in the DFW area for many years – I can tell you that the mind set of people driving here IS NOT condusive to safe lane splitting. Strangely, the females are very aggresive with blocking , cutting off, etc…against bikes. I can’t imagine how they would respond if a bike passes their door 9″ away! This ain’t California boys!

  • Ricardo Andrade

    Helmets? check. Not more than 5mph than rest of traffic? Hmmm… ok. trafic can not be going at more than 20mph. Right.