Suzuki Watches North American Sales Plummet

05/15/2009 @ 11:00 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


Suzuki Motor Corporation is reporting its 3rd quarter in a row of sales dropping in its European and North American markets. In North America, the company sold 88,000 units, weighing in at a 34% reduction from last year’s numbers. Suzuki fared better in Europe where it sold 114,000 units, or a a 24% decrease from last year. Yes the bleeding continues, but at least not as bad as Honda’s.

Source: PowerSports Business

  • Sully

    i like the contrast in photo selection between the bad news for honda vs. suzuki. keep it up.

  • Suzuki Watches North American Sales Plummet – Asphalt & Rubber

  • Grammar Police

    “fared”, not “faired”!. Suzuki may be “fair”, but they FARED better in Europe. FTLOG, why can nobody get this?

  • steveinsandiego


    poor grammar, poor syntax, poor spelling, and overall mediocre writing have flooded the american media. few know how to write because public educators don’t.