More Spy Shots of Ducati’s Multistrada Replacement and GS Killer

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UPDATE: Two more full bike shots added to the gallery.

MCN has spotted Ducati’s shows some pieces from Ducati’s common parts bin, as well of a couple that appear to be unique to this bike only. This bike is expected to be one of the four new models that Ducati will be releasing over the course of this year, in preparation for the 2010 model year. Continue reading to see the rest of the spy shots.

The ram-air scoops run from the front of the mudguard and through to the airbox, similar to how the Hypermotard looks…but with more function.

The screen is adjustable, as can be seen from the hinges on the side mounting. This is likely to help shift the bike from street to dirt mode.

The shape of the tank and the rear seat unit are disguised with tape and foam. The foam on the seat unit is the shaped black foam, the same kind of foam used to protect the paint of 1098 bikes shipped from the factory. We heard that besides keeping fancy Italian bike safe during transportation, it also can be used as a substitute for unicorn tears for curing cancer.

The yellow cables running down the side of the bike are for the portable datalogging unit that logs all of the engine and fuelling performance.

The flatscreen LCD dashboard is lifted straight off the 1098. As with just about everything on the bike, its not clear if the new bike will share the 1098’s dash, or if Ducati is just using it for the test mule since they probably have a few laying around.

The odd-shaped exhaust is unlikely to make production as it currently looks, and it is possible that it is shaped as such to throw-off what the final bike might look like. We’re betting on something along the lines of the undertail variety.

Source: MCN