SoCal: Angeles Crest Highway Closed Indefinitely

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Los Angeles County riders may be sad to hear that the famed Angeles Crest Highway will be closed for an unforeseeable duration because of recent fire damage to the roadway.

Because of the Station Fire, more than 40 miles of twisty asphalt heaven have been closed indefinitely because of  burned off road stripping, destroyed guard rails, and charred signs, making the road too hazardous to drivers according to Caltrans officials.

Judy Gish, a Caltrans spokeswoman, said the highway’s pavement remains largely intact. However, it is too early to tell if the remaing 26 miles of the highway will incur damage as the fire rages on. Also, because the Station Fire is only 22% contained (as of this writing), it is not clear when the Angeles Crest Highway will be reopened.

Locals to the LA riding scene will also be saddened to hear that the Hidden Springs Cafe succumbed to the blaze. No word on when/if the little red barn will be back, but we suspect that when the road reopens, the only fire going on will be the one in the cafe’s kitchen.

In the meantime, we recommend SoCal riders head to the coast on Mulholland Highway, and grab a pint for us at the Rock Store, while we all wait for Hwy 2 to reopen. If you do make it to the Rock Store, be sure to send us the photo via A&R Street Level.

Source: LA Times; Photo: Rich Niewiroski Jr. (CC: Attribution 2.5)