Shocking Barack: Brammo Wants Obama To Ride An Electric Motorcycle

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Brian Wismann and David Schiff are on a mission two Brammo’s riding from Detroit, Michigan to Washington DC, retracing the steps of the Big 3 automakers with an end goal of meeting with President Obama. Brammo feels they have a solution to the transportation crisis and America’s dependence on oil, and they want Obama to see the Brammo Enertia first hand.

Wismann and Schiff make a very interesting and unlikely combination of engineer and marketing personality. Brian being the strait-laced Lead Engineer of Brammo and Dave the tattoo covered, extremely vocal Creative Director of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Brammo’s advertising firm. Dave often rides with CP+B partner Alex Bogusky, and is no stranger to motorcycles.

Knowing the brains behind this trek, it fairly obvious the motivation leans towards marketing, but they pose a strong argument that solving the “transportation crisis” is the goal.

While we are not overly confident this journey will end with Barack sitting on an Enertia there is no doubt it will bring visibility to Brammo, electric motorcycles, and electric transportation in general. Over the last 2 days the duo has met with Jim Cousins and interviewed him about his electric vehicle collection (the largest in the world), conducted an interview with Fox news and Auto Blog Green and met with the Mayor of Adrian, Michigan.

It appears the journey will help Brammo gain some insights on the challenges electric motorcycle owners will face in a world built for petrol powered vehicles. Brian and David must seek electrical outlets every 40 miles, beg for $0.35 of electricity for the 4 hour recharge and can’t exceed 60 mph, the Enertia’s top speed. Much of the Michigan leg has been cold and rainy. They have been pulled over for running a stop sign in an attempt to save the electricity of accelerating. They are not trying to hide this either, it is all being documented on twitter, the Shocking Barack web site and YouTube with a good amount of humor.

Asphalt & Rubber wishes Schocking Barack the best of luck. As always, everything Brammo is being watched closely and documented by BrammoFan. If you would like to host these guys and let them charge up join their group at They are also hoping to network with anyone who can arrange a meeting with Obama if you happen to know anyone. Stay tuned.

Source: Shocking Barack via: Plug Bike