Behind the Scenes at a Ducati Diavel Commercial

05/19/2011 @ 6:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

We hear the Ducati Diavel is doing quite well in sales, with many dealers reportedly out of stock with the units. Though some dealers still have bikes in stock, namely the ones that jumped on the Diavel bandwagon early-on, it’s clear now that more people than just us here at Asphalt & Rubber were impressed with Ducati’s take on the performance cruiser category. While Ducati’s deal with the Devil got our overall seal of approval, some of this success surely has to be owed to the heavy media blitz from the Italian brand.

Like with the Multistrada 1200 release, Ducati has put the Diavel front-and-center in its marketing machine. Helping win the hearts and minds of the skeptics, Ducati has put together a short video advertisement of the Diavel, and for extra measure, a behind the scenes making of the clip. If you ever wanted to see how much effort goes into a one minute video spot, here’s your chance. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Mercedes-Benz cameo as well. Original advertisement and the behind the scenes footage after the jump.

Original Ducati Diavel Advertisement:

Behind the Scenes Footage:

Source: Ducati Motor Holdings (YouTube)

  • Wow. That’s _lame_. Seriously. If I wasn’t moving this week and didn’t have to pack, I’d spend an hour writing an in-depth critique of that pretentious turd. Note to Ducati: Harley recently fired Carmichael-Lynch. Hire them. If you need a contact there, shoot me an email.

  • But how good did the Mercedes look Mark?!?!

  • John

    Any one see the guy being chased by security in his underwear at 1:20?! Otherwise I agree with Mark, lame.

  • Rexr

    Agree with Mark…………lame.

  • Mike J

    Wow..! It’s amazing to think that all that time and effort went into producing something so crushingly lame. If I was a Diavel owner (and I would truly like to be a Diavel owner) I’d be embarrassed to go out for a ride after seeing that. Seriously Ducati get your advertising act together. No one is going to be persuaded by this kind of clunking, cliché ridden drivel.

  • Tim

    It’s about as lame as any car or motorcycle commercial. I wouldn’t expect any better or worse.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Despite the lameness of Harley’s bikes, the commercials I’ve seen of theirs over the past couple of years have actually been really good, and not the usual lame crap from most of the auto industry. Moto Guzzi’s promo vids are also pretty good.