RSV4 to Have Variable Throttle Bodies

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Dellorto is known in the automotive B2B world for its products in cars and trucks. Well now they are starting to offer their products for motorcycles, and Aprilia will be one of the first companies to integrate their technology in a product. What does this mean for the consumer? Well for starters, the RSV4 will be the first bike from Italy to have variable length throttle bodies. Read more after the jump.


Similar to the Yamaha Chip Controlled-Intake (YCC-I) variable intake system, Dellorto’s variable throttle bodies can switch the length of the intake “trumpet” by 10mm, thus helping optimize engine performance across the RPM range. Extra power is created because changing the length of the intake pipes based bike and engine speed allows you to adjust the suction and flow of the air being sucked into the the intake manifold. This improves the ability to fill the firing chamber and the efficiency of the ignition sequence. 

It should be noted that this is still an on/off method of lengthening the throttle bodies, and that Dellorto is still working on continuously variable throttle body that would have many incremental changes through out the power-band. I guess that means we have a good idea for what’s in store for future RSV4 model years.

Source: Dellorto via

Now, wouldn’t a variable trumpet be in fact, a trombone?