Rossi Sued for Outstanding Accountant’s Bill

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UPDATE: The Italian Order of Accountants has ruled against Rossi, who now has 40 days to appeal their decision.

After settling an unpaid tax-debt with the Italian government in 2008, Valentino Rossi paid nearly €30 million in back-taxes with the help of accounting firm Cesaroni-Cappellini. The firm saved Rossi nearly €150 million, and was entitled by contract to ~1% of the MotoGP star’s savings.

Doing some quick judo-math, that’s nearly a €3 million tab (€1.7M-€2.5M to be exact) that Rossi has racked up at Cesaroni-Cappellini, and according to the firm Rossi has yet to actually pay them for their services.

In order to seek payment, Cesaroni-Cappellini has filed a complaint with the Italian Order of Accountants. Should the group find Rossi in deliquency, Valentino has 40 days to appeal the decision, or he will have to cough up the cash.

The firm has stayed quiet until now about that matter in order to avoid damaging Rossi’s public image, and reputation in the motorcycle world. However, considering such the large savings involved and the duration of time that has passed, the firm said they had no other choice but to procede with the matter.

Source: Two Wheels Blog