Roland Sands Talks about Bell Helmets

01/17/2011 @ 4:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

We’ve had more than a few Bell Helmets rolling around the A&R office these past months, and one of the things we’ve really liked from this American-based company is how it has teamed up with notable designers from inside and outside of the motorcycle industry to bring attractive and fresh looks to consumers. While it’s been the Bell Star and Vortex that have been keeping our brains firmly in-between our ears, it’s the designs by Roland Sands and Jona Cerwinske that have been attracting us to Bell, and propelling the company back into the motorcycle helmet market as a whole.

Taking some time to talk to Roland Sands at his new Southern California shop, Bell Helmets has put together this short video with the former motorcycle racer turned designer. While Bell and RSD are obviously out to hock the new gold-leaf-over-carbon fiber “Speed Freak” helmet they’ve created for 2011, Roland has some interesting stories about his process and growing up around motorcycles…the photography is spectacular too boot.

With Bell in the process of restoring its name after having its motorcycle helmet division operated overseas by another company, we expect to see more videos in the future like the one after the jump that engage riders with this once-defunct American brand.

Source: Bell Helmets

  • Really?

    The original Speed Freak Helmet – I guess the name was so good Sands decided he would use it too.

  • donno

    It is good for the Bell brand to have its motorcycle helmets back in the USA, but its good to know that the italians has been keeping the flame burning for the brand with its high quality helmets

    I have both the USA (actually made in china) R-T, ant the italian R-T (both bought brand new), and the italian r-t fit and quality is by far better than the USA R-T…

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  • johnrdupree

    Roland Sands peed on my chinbar…

  • BikePilot

    I have both the new Star and new Moto 8 and both are my current favorites for their respective purposes (replacing an Arai VX Pro and Arai Signet, RF900 and pair of Vemars).

  • irksome

    Nothing has ever fit me as well as a Bell; so much of fit is related to one’s head shape. Arai gave me a hot-spot on my forehead, Shoei was too loose on the sides, Icon was loud and fell apart; I tried too many to list. Maybe I dropped on my head when I was a kid; Mom isn’t telling.

    Then last summer, my girlfriends cat had a UTI and he peed on my helmet; the only reason I didn’t drown the little bastard was that it gave me a reason to go buy a Bell. And now I’m back in helmet heaven.

    “If you have a $10 head…”

  • fantastic video , model is 2011 but it is a great helmet with cutting edge technology , good times when I had a bell helmet

    I found this site here in Brazil which has the details of the bell helmets