Roehr eSuperbike Enters Electric Motorcycle Racing

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Roeher Motorcycles, maker of the 180hp supercharged 1250sc, has announced that they will be entering into the electric motorcycle scene with two bike offerings. The American sportbike manufacturer has also announced its intent to go racing with a company backed racing effort in the upcoming 2010 US TTXGP series. Roehr will also supply their eSuperbikes race prepped to teams wishing to race in either the TTXGP series or the FIM’s e-Power Championship.

In Roeher’s announcement, the company states that there will be two versions of motorcycle available. Both models will feature AC induction motors, and advanced lithium ion battery packages.

The eSuperbike model will feature the electrical equivalent of 96hp and 210lb•ft of torque from a 10 kwh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. The eSuperbike is set to be Roeher’s pinnacle of electrical racing, and entered in racing by both Roehr itself and other race teams.

Roehr’s other model is the lower spec eSupersport, which will have an output of 48hp, 105lb•ft of torque from a 6 kwh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. This model is designed to be a more affordable electric motorcycle solution, and will reach a top speed of 100mph.

No photos yet, and more as we get it.