Roehr eSuperbike to Cost $30,000

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UPDATE: Roehr has released more technical spec’s and preliminary pricing on the Roehr eSupersport and Roehr eSuperbike models.

After yesterday’s announcement about the Roehr electric motorcycles, the eSuperbike and eSupersport, many were left wanting for more information about Roehr’s latest development. While we’ve been assured by Walter Roehrich that photos and details will be coming soon, that didn’t stop us from diving into some dumpsters, interrogating some witnesses, and charging $4.50 in late fees at the local library.

The end result? We can confidently say that the Roehr eSuperbike and eSupersport will cost $30,000 & $15,000 respectively.

Roehr has confirmed that this is the price point they are targeting, but is reluctant to quote those figures exactly at this point in time as some parts agreements haven’t been finalized yet, and could change the pricing to some minor degree.

Although unconfirmed, we are almost certain that the eSupersport will be using only one AC-induction motor in its configuration, whereas there are indications that the eSuperbike might make its extra power from a second motor. A top peed of 150mph seems to be the target for the eSuperbike, which may be based off the eSupersport in an upgradable form.

We should know more shortly, as Roehr is trucking along with this project, but at nearly $10,000 less than the TTX02, watch out Mavizen, Roehr seems to have your number.

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