Reminder: Monday is Ride to Work Day

06/17/2012 @ 9:40 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

While Sunday is providing us with excellent two-wheeled racing, Monday brings yet another mundane work day. The start of this work-week should be a bit better than usual though, as it is the 21st annual Ride to Work Day, which sees commuters abandon their four-wheeled cages, and instead take to the streets via the liberation that two-wheels provides.

Of course, we assume all our readers already ride to work every day, but in case you wake up tomorrow with the misguided notion that you should drive instead of ride to your place of employment, hopefully the solidarity of thousands of other motorcyclists will help you solider on and do the right thing.

Source: Ride to Work Day

  • paulus

    would have been cool if I was aware of it before actually reading it at work Monday morning :(

  • You mean…you don’t read A&R every day???!

  • JoeD

    Good one JB! I actually do every morning. As for work, I run the MSF Program at the local college and riding IS work. (Is it really work if it involves your passion?) One thing I have been musing over is how can we Motorcyclists get some designated parking areas with bollards to protect our area from hit and run bozos? A nationwide campaign with a sign at the lot /garage entrance “MF” for Motorcycle Friendly. Four of us for every cager space.

  • irksome

    “Work to ride, ride to work.”

  • Everett

    I rode my bike to work today. My pedal bike. Tomorrow is track racing (velodrome). So tomorrow, I moto to work.

  • Damo

    I ride in everyday it is above 38 degrees Fahrenheit and isn’t pouring!

    I actually snagged the wife’s CBR250R for the ride in today, because the RC51 was low on gas and I didn’t feel like stopping.