The speculation about RevZilla and Cycle Gear can stop now, as the brands are finally talking about their plans together for the future.

In a letter posted to RevZilla’s in-house publication, Common Tread, RevZilla CEO Anthony Bucci announces that RevZilla will be acquired by a new holding company, which will also own Cycle Gear.

The holding company’s board of directors will include Bucci, and his fellow RevZilla founders Nick Auger and Matthew Kull, as well as the private equity firm J.W. Childs, which bought Cycle Gear back in 2015.

While Bucci’s letter to RevZilla customers states that the two brands will only be “sister companies” that will operate independently of each other, his FAQ on the subject leaves the door open for collaborations between the two brands, which would be the obvious benefit of their new ownership structure.

The FAQ leaves open the possibility for RevZilla brick and mortar stores (not rebadged Cycle Gear stores though, the note is quick to point out) to debut in the future, and the FAQ makes it obvious that the Cycle Gear business unit will be leaning on the online experience that Bucci and his team bring to the table as advisors.

The fact remains throughout all this that the largest brick and mortar motorcycle store and one of the most powerful online retailers in the two-wheeled space have now come together under one roof.

Despite the message that the companies will remain separate on paper, the opportunities for collaborations between RevZilla and Cycle Gear are potent.

It will be interesting to see going forward how the operations of RevZilla and Cycle Gear change, once this deal is finalized and approved.

Source: RevZilla

  • Charles624

    But the real question remains… What bikes are they going to buy with the money from the sale!?

    Kidding aside, I hope to see Revzilla continue to offer the same service as they are my preferred motorcycle gear retailer.

  • The correct answer should be something like “all of them” ;)

  • Jonathan

    I’m hoping like everyone that Revzilla’s model does not change. I purchased 3 different boots from them at once and sent back the 2 that lost the comparison contest at no charge. Their customer service beats any other online retailer I know of.

  • Alclab

    Just read Anthony Bucci’s post on Common Tread about the “partership”, and it made sense as how he states it and the fact that they probably saw an oportunity to grow and get to new markets, rather than just sit in their golden motorcycle throne.

    Revzilla has gained my business and also my trust. I’m hoping they keep up the great business model, the attitude, the love of motorcycles and yes, even Lemmy! ;)

  • I really don’t think there’s much to worry about in that regard. I’ll do an analysis tomorrow, but Bucci addresses a lot of those concerns in his letter and FAQ.

  • yakimushi

    Well, this certainly alleviates my concerns… for now. My sincerest hope is that all the great Revzilla stuff leaks into the Cycle Gear side, and not the other way ’round. Time will tell!


    Damn you’re quick!

  • The Blue Rider

    I feel better now. A joint holding company is a much different animal than an absorption. It appears to mean the best case scenario: money to stabilize and grow Revzilla, while functioning separately. They probably did this by faxing $50 and a form to the Cayman Islands. ;)

  • S Fisher

    I hope Revzilla stays as is. Great company, quality (name brand products), outstanding customer service. And just fun! By comparison Cycle Gear is like the Dollar Store for motorcycling: lower quality knock-off products, no frills service, and pretty blah; where you go for a doodad when cheap is the primary objective. Both have their place in the market, and I’ve shopped at both, but believe history shows in mergers like this that it’s hard for the better store to elevate perception of the discounter but all too easy for the discounter to drag to the better store down. Hope Bucci doesn’t regret this in the end.

  • Stephen Mears

    They should buy EBR. LOL

  • Shinigami

    This does generate a sense of relief, given the structure as explained. Awesome accomplishments like those of ZLA’s founders should be rewarded- better still if they don’t let us loyal and enthusiastic customers down with a loss of the quality that made them who they are.

  • n/a

    Don’t call it a merger?….And don’t call me moustache!

  • spitfire74

    I could not be more pleased for the guys at RevZilla. They’re the best in the business. They put a lot of work into how they communicate with customers, their inventory is stocked and wide, deliveries come faster than expected and their customer service is better than any big retailer out there. American entrepreneurism at its best.

  • Lee Scuppers

    They always “address the concerns”. Talk is cheap. I’m sure the PE guys addressed Anthony’s concerns. But the most common outcome in this kind of situation is for the PE guys to screw people.

    Do you think Anthony would announce that it’s going to be a debacle? Of course he thinks it’ll work out, or he wouldn’t have done it.

    For a pile of money that size, honestly, I could unintentionally suspend a hell of a lot of disbelief myself.

    I’m sure hoping I’ll have to eat crow on that prediction though.

  • NickJ161

    I am grateful for this clarification. Revzilla has been much more than just a shopping experience for me. It has been more of an educational experience, but also a form of high quality entertainment. As a rider who survived a crash in normal clothing and helmet less. It was as if Revzilla was made for me, because 4 months of healing and $2200 in repairs later I got back on the horse in full kit. Thank you Revzilla and as a suburban neighbor, I wish you continued success.

  • You guys are all awesome. The support below is amazing. Thank you.

  • Ayabe

    Well I buy 99% of my gear from them and have received nothing but exceptional customer service.

    I’ll be seriously depressed if this starts to change.