Don’t Call It a Merger: RevZilla & Cycle Gear Come Together

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The speculation about RevZilla and Cycle Gear can stop now, as the brands are finally talking about their plans together for the future.

In a letter posted to RevZilla’s in-house publication, Common Tread, RevZilla CEO Anthony Bucci announces that RevZilla will be acquired by a new holding company, which will also own Cycle Gear.

The holding company’s board of directors will include Bucci, and his fellow RevZilla founders Nick Auger and Matthew Kull, as well as the private equity firm J.W. Childs, which bought Cycle Gear back in 2015.

While Bucci’s letter to RevZilla customers states that the two brands will only be “sister companies” that will operate independently of each other, his FAQ on the subject leaves the door open for collaborations between the two brands, which would be the obvious benefit of their new ownership structure.

The FAQ leaves open the possibility for RevZilla brick and mortar stores (not rebadged Cycle Gear stores though, the note is quick to point out) to debut in the future, and the FAQ makes it obvious that the Cycle Gear business unit will be leaning on the online experience that Bucci and his team bring to the table as advisors.

The fact remains throughout all this that the largest brick and mortar motorcycle store and one of the most powerful online retailers in the two-wheeled space have now come together under one roof.

Despite the message that the companies will remain separate on paper, the opportunities for collaborations between RevZilla and Cycle Gear are potent.

It will be interesting to see going forward how the operations of RevZilla and Cycle Gear change, once this deal is finalized and approved.

Source: RevZilla